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Gaming article by Joseph Allen on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 - 08:46

The End of the World

Epic Games has spoken out about the future of Fortnite Save the World, the co-operative survival game from which the more well-known Fortnite Battle Royale sprang. The studio is bringing Save the World out of Early Access and it'll remain a premium title rather than going free-to-play. As well as Save the World, both Fortnite Battle Royale and Creative will have their legacy Early Access tags removed.

What's changed in Fortnite Save the World?

The Metal Team Leader Pack in Fortnite Save the World
From now on, Fortnite Save the World is only available for purchase via the Metal Team Leader Pack.

Originally, Fortnite Save the World was a premium title that launched in Early Access with a view to going free-to-play once it exited the program. Now, it seems Epic has U-turned on that and will continue to charge money for the game. Starting Thursday, Epic will begin selling a new pack series which begins with the Metal Team Leader Pack. Buying that pack grants you access to a new Hero, some extra in-game goodies and challenges, and access to Save the World. It'll cost you $20 and will be the only way you can access the game, unless you already own it. That means that for the next two days you won't be able to buy Save the World in any form.

According to Epic, the main story for Fortnite Save the World "is complete". The studio is introducing a new feature to the game, Ventures, which will "bring in a path of continued progression". These Ventures will grant seasonal experience that will in turn impact the level of difficulty, weapons, and rewards you earn. Epic says existing narratives and in-game events will shift to an annual recurring seasonal schedule which will continue independent of Battle Royale and unique to Save the World. New quests and Heroes will come in slowly, while existing Heroes and Questlines will rotate in and out throughout each season.

Is this the end for Fortnite Save the World?

Given that Epic says not all cosmetics for Fortnite Battle Royale won't be supported in Save the World going forward and that the main story is finished, it seems like this could be the end for the game. Epic is insistent that "the adventure doesn't end here" for Save the World, and that "there are still adventures to be had". A Twitter hashtag campaign has sprung up in #SaveSaveTheWorld, which is now trending. In addition, fans on the Fortnite Save the World subreddit are less than pleased about the new direction Epic is taking. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Save the World, but this likely isn't where its fans hoped it would go. We'll bring you more on this as we get it.

How do you feel about Fortnite Save the World leaving Early Access? Do you think this spells the end for the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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