Fortnite Announces 100 Player Battle Royale PvP Gamemode, Public Testing Now

Gaming article by Robert N. Adams on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 14:02
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The developers of Fortnite have announced a PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS-style PvP game mode called Battle Royale according to a news post on the game's official website.

Fortnite is the latest game released by Epic Games where gamers can team up to fight against a mysterious storm that has transformed humanity into terrible creatures and threaten what is left of mankind. Prior to today, the game only had PvE game modes. A trailer was released on the game's YouTube channel:

The experience is similar to other styles of this game mode. First, there's a short wait at the beginning of the game for the server to fill up. Next, players are transported to the "Battle Bus", a flying bus with a balloon that traverses over the game mode's island. You can jump from the bus at any time and skydive towards the ground below. At higher altitudes, you can switch between skydiving and using a small glider at will. Once you get low enough to the ground, your glider deploys and you must land.

Players setting foot on the ground only have their pickaxe at their disposal. Fortnight's standard classes (Soldier, Ninja, Constructor, and Outlander) aren't a factor here - you're just a regular human with a pickaxe. You can demolish structures, collect resources, and build structures just as you can in the PvE game mode. Weapons and ammo are acquired either by finding it in the game world or killing other players. Players in Battle Royale will kill one another until there is only one person remaining.

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Right now, the game mode is restricted to solo play. The developers have said that squad-based gameplay is coming, but that teaming up in the current environment is considered cheating and is a bannable offense.

There aren't any rewards that apply to the PvE gameplay at the moment; the new game mode is currently undergoing a public test period. Anyone who already owns the game can join, and if you don't own Fortnite just yet a sale is also underway - Standard and Deluxe Edition Founder's Packs are 25% off from September 12, 2017, to September 18, 2017. Fortnite's Battle Royale game mode officially launches on September 26, 2017.

What do you think of Fortnite's Battle Royale game mode? Do you think the PvE and PvP content should be kept separated or would you like to see a combination of the two playstyles? Let us know in the comments below!

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