Fortnite Adds Gears of War Characters

Published: December 10, 2021 9:31 AM /



Marcus Fenix and Kait Diaz from the Gears of War series have been added to Fortnite through the Delta-One Set as the latest members of the title's Gaming Legends series. For those who don't know, Marcus Fenix is (as of the recent Gears of War titles) once retired but brought back into the fight by his son, while Kait Diaz was once against the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG) but is now part of the COG Army.

After you purchase the Marcus Fenix Outfit and play a match of Fortnite on the Xbox Series X|S, players will receive a Matte Black Style outfit as a "memento of his Xbox history", which is a pretty neat idea.


As for what you're getting, there are the Marcus Fenix and Kait Diaz outfits, (which also includes Kait Diaz's in a Winter Orange Style as well), and the Sonic Resonator Back Bling and Reyna's Pendant Back Bling. Other Gears of War items are the Breaker Mace Pickaxe, the Thumper Pickaxe, the Butcher Cleaver Pickaxe, and the Skiff Glider.

Gears of War accessories
All of these accessories should be pretty familiar to Gears fans.

As one of the biggest games in the world, Fortnite usually has some recent news to mention. A few weeks ago, Harmonix of Rock Band fame was acquired by Epic Games to make Fortnite content, while the Imposters mode was also admitted to be an Among Us clone (duh!) and Fortnite's China servers were shut down on November 15, 2021. That's honestly pretty surprising, but hey, not every game can land in China, especially considering how obsessed they are with PUBG.

Going back to the Delta-One set, there's also a Knife Tricks Emote which you can see below:


If you purchase the Kait & Marcus bundle you'll also receive this neat looking Emergence Hole Spray:

Emergence Hole Spray
The new Emergence Hole Spray.

From December 9 to December 17 at 9AM ET, players can complete these Delta-One Quests to unlock the Crimson Omen Spray:

  • Collect Three COG Tags

  • Crouch Behind Barrier

  • Damage Opponent with Melee Attack

  • Do Shotgun Damage to an Opponent

  • Collect Thrashball Memorabilia

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