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Former "The Last Guardian" Team Members Form Indie Game Studio

June 23, 2014 2:52 PM

By: Bryan Heraghty


The Last Guardian was officially announced five years ago, and since then we've heard all sorts of rumors about the team, its development, release date, etc. After news that some Sony staff members were leaving the company, many fans were, and still are, uneasy about the future of the game. But a few of those ex-members have come together to form a new studio under the name Friend and Foe. Based in Tokyo, Japan, the studio believes in self-funding and self-publishing their games as far as possible. Ambitiously, the five-person team is already working on two games simultaneously.

Dangerous Men is a pulpy action arcade title based on the buddy cop movies of the '80s. "Two cops, one city, and tons of explosions!" The game stars officer's Dan Mendoza and Don InsertNameHere (that wasn't a mistake, that's the characters actual name). The game has the characters "literally jumping from explosion to explosion" in an effort to rid the city of the menace known as "Punk Gang". As of now, the Friend & Foe team has yet to announce a platform or release date for this game.




Dangerous Men

Secondly we have Vane, an open world journey starring a young boy with a "mysterious ability". You unravel the mysteries of the land through solving puzzles, exploring, and "other features yet to be revealed" (though likely the mysterious ability mentioned).  Vane is set to release for the PC, with other platforms to be announced. The release date was shrewdly left "When it's done."



Vane Storm

The collective resumes of the team members includes such AAA titles The Last Guardian, Bionic Commando and Killzone! So this isn't exactly a team of underdogs, more a collection of AAA veterans ready to try their hand in the indie market! For more developments of these games, this team, and whatever may happen to the elusive Team ICO game The Last Guardian, keep your sights on Tech Raptor!


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