Football Drama Shoots For September 24th On Steam And Mobile

Published: May 9, 2019 10:20 AM /


football drama

Interactive narrative strategy game Football Drama will launch for Steam and mobile devices on September 24th. The title refers to soccer rather than American football.

Developer Open Lab Games says the launch date's "astrological moment fits with the game's mood". Football Drama will launch with English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, and Italian language options. The dev plans to add more languages post-release. On the day of release, you'll be able to watch the game's devs streaming some Football Drama content. If you're interested, check out their Steam, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch pages. Take a look at the trailer below:


Players play as Rocco Galliano, a coach whose career ended seven years prior to the start of Football Drama. Ailing team Calchester FC calls in Galliano to turn the club's fortunes around. Players must try their best to take Calchester FC to the top while battling corruption, drug abuse, crime, and other distractions. Open Lab describes its game as "the only football game where you may lose the championship and win the game".

Gameplay-wise, Football Drama is a narrative choice-based game with turn-based match play. The game takes place over 18 weeks. Calchester FC's management can fire players during any one of these weeks. There are also deck-building elements, with match outcomes affected by the cards players use. Players can acquire new cards through choices made in the narrative. Each championship is unique and there are several endings to plump for, adding replayability.


Football Drama kicks off for Steam, iOS, and Android on September 24th. You can wishlist the game on Steam here. Open Lab says the Steam version has "more to offer; more information, all the in-depth parts (integrated with achievements) and full-screen illustrations". Sounds like that's the version to go for if you're on the fence.

Will you be on the bench for Football Drama? Let us know in the comments below!

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