Fnatic Wins Spring Split in the EU LCS

Published: April 20, 2015 5:30 PM /


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The finals were held yesterday for the League of Legends European Spring Split. League veterans Fnatic faced off against newcomers Unicorns of Love, in an epic battle that stretched across all five games. In the end though, Fnatic took home the EU LCS championship, winning three of the five games, for this 2015 Spring Split. Both teams had some impressive plays throughout, and some key mistakes. The two teams took unique approaches, with Fnatic taking a slow-and-steady pace to ensure late game success, while Unicorns of Love sought to dominate in the early game.

Game 1 went to Unicorns of Love, with a bizarre twist in the beginning when mid-laner PowerofLove, playing for the Unicorns, locked in Varus, defying the typical metagame found in championship games. The big turnaround for Unicorns of Love in Game 1 was at twenty minutes in, when Jungler Kikis, playing Gragas, pulled off an expert Baron steal pushing Fnatic back resulting in the snowball that secured their win. Unicorns of Love kept control of Dragon almost the entire game, securing 3 out of 4 of the total Dragons in the game. In the end they were victorious, ending the game at 7-14.


Game 2 went to Fnatic where they managed an impressive early lead, thanks to the effort of their marksman, Steelback, and their top-laner, Huni. A fairly early team fight, where Unicorns of Love were caught out of position when they pushed too far in lane, gave Fnatic the early edge they needed to roll into late game. They ended up taking the Unicorn’s Nexus at almost exactly 42 minutes, at 8-28.


Game 3 was another win for Fnatic, but featured some impressive plays by Unicorns of Love. Fnatic got an early game lead, after Huni was able to secure Hecarim in champion select and dominate the top lane, picking up three kills in laning phase. There were some very impressive plays by Kikis as Udyr, for Unicorns of Love, as he escaped certain death on multiple occasions. However, his Udyr didn't provide the edge the Unicorns needed, and Fnatic was able to end the game at a very impressive 14-39.


Unicorns of Love was able to keep the match going by taking Game 4, ensuring Huni did not grab Hecarim and utilized team synergy to gain an early game edge. Some impressive team fights let Unicorns of Love sweep the board, ending at 16-2 with complete Dragon domination.

It all came down the final match, with both teams setting their eyes on the finals championship. Unicorns of Love took a slight early lead, securing two kills before the 10 minute mark. Despite a decisive team fight in Fnatic's own bottom jungle, at the end of the laning phase there was no clear leader unlike the other games. The game took a turn in favor of Fnatic after an unsuccessful Dragon attempt resulted in a team fight where Fnatic pushed Unicorns of Love off the dragon, and managed to get four kills and a turret. Fnatic took the game, and the series, ending 26-9.


Miss the Finals? You can view all of the games at LoLEsports! Did you enjoy the EU LCS this year? Who do you think is this years MVP for both teams, and how do you think these teams can improve moving forward? 

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