A Fix For Genji's Dragonblade Ultimate Is On The Way

Published: April 19, 2017 11:30 AM /


Overwatch - Blackwatch Genji Dragonblade Ultimate Uprising

Following the launch of the Uprising event in Overwatch, Mei & Genji had been casualties of nasty bugs that reduced their effectiveness. Mei's bug has been fixed as of the latest update, but Genji's Dragonblade Ultimate was still broken; it had effectively had its number of swings reduced from 7 to 6. Thankfully, Overwatch's Principal Designer Geoff Goodman has stated that they have discovered the source of the problem and a fix should work its way into a future patch.

After the Uprising event was launched earlier in the month, a few bugs had cropped up. Among them was a seemingly undocumented nerf to Genji's Dragonblade Ultimate. Normally, once the Dragonblade Ultimate ability is activated, the player would be able to swing the unsheathed sword up to seven times. Following the release of the patch, the number of swings had been reduced to six. After a number of complaints and questions on the game's official forums, Mr. Goodman responded by stating that this wasn't an intentional nerf and that the developers would be looking into the problem.

Nearly a week later, it seems that the Overwatch team has pinned down the problem. A previous bug existed where your latency could affect the number of swings you would get when using your Ultimate as Genji. The threshold for latency was low enough that many (if not most) players would get seven swings out of the Ultimate and that expectation became the norm. Since the bug has been fixed, six swings is what players should have been getting all along.

Genji players need not worry about a permanent nerf - to compensate for this change, the swing speed of his Dragonblade will be adjusted so that seven swings is possible once again. Unfortunately, Mr. Goodman couldn't give a specific timeframe on when the fix will be in the game. When the fix does get sorted, it will make its way into the patch notes.

Do you think that the loss of a seventh swing has caused a small impact or a large impact on the playability of Genji? Which Overwatch character do you think is in the most need of fixing right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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