Five More Games Join Xbox One's Backwards Compatibility, Including Bayonetta

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Five More Games Join Xbox One's Backwards Compatibility, Including Bayonetta

September 8, 2016

By: Samuel Guglielmo

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Xbox One's backwards compatibility allows people to play select Xbox 360 games on the new console and the list of playable games is constantly growing. Five more games are now joining that expanding list.

The big star of the new games is Bayonetta. The game that put Platinum Games on the map for many people, Bayonetta is one of the most praised spectacle fighters available. It has since been followed up with a similarly well-received sequel, and the titular character is one that is remembered when people talk about iconic gaming characters.

While Bayonetta is the big addition, there are four other games. Two more retail Xbox 360 games have made the cut. The first is De Blob 2, a 3D puzzle platformer where your goal is to paint as much of the town as you can, gaining new powers along the way to help you do so. The other retail game available is Of Orcs and Men. An RPG that offers some role-reversal by having you playing as a massive orc and a sneaky goblin fighting against humans, the game features tactical combat and an interesting setting.

Two Xbox Live Arcade games are also now backwards compatible. The first is Arkanoid Live!, a rerelease of the classic Arkanoid brick-breaker game. The big new addition from the original release comes in the form of competitive multiplayer, where players try to break all the bricks on their side of the field before the other player. The other new addition is Qix++, a remake of the 1981 classic. In it, your goal is to try and claim sections of a map by drawing lines on it, while avoiding enemies.


All five of these games should be available for you to play today. New games are being added to the list constantly, with games like Bejewled 3, Call of Duty 2, Shank 2, and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon all have been added in the last month.

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