The Five DLC Fighters For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Have Been Locked Down

Published: November 7, 2018 10:43 AM /


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During last weeks Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct, we were given the full roster of fighters that will be available on the game's December 7 launch. You can read our full coverage of that here. The only fighters that have yet to be announced are those that will be available in five separate DLCs that are currently planned for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. According to a recent Tweet by game director Masahiro Sakurai, the upcoming fighters have now been locked down.

In the eyes of fans, the possibilities are no doubt endless. The deluge of requests for additions to the roster has definitely been heard by Sakurai and sparked a response that, in a nutshell, asks people to chill. In his own words:


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s DLC line-up is now complete. This time the selection was made entirely by Nintendo. I decide if we can create a fighter based on their selection, then come up with the plan. 

It’s great to dream about your favorite character joining the battle and I appreciate your passion, but please try to stay on topic when replying to tweets and refrain from flooding us, and other users, with requests when we're not specifically asking for feedback. Thank you!

The floodgates are closed, it seems, but that doesn't take away the fact that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has the most fighters of any previous version since it includes every single fighter of the previous games and a host of new ones. Each of the five DLC will include a fighter, a stage, and several additional music tracks. They'll be priced individually at $5.99, or a total of $24.99 if you get the Fighter's Pass.

Quick Take

All right, I know. Mr. Sakurai literally just asked people to stop requesting, but let's call this... speculating. Let me ask you this, internet. Why is Bomberman not in Smash Bros. yet? Just to be safe, this isn't an invitation to conspiracy theorizing. I just think he's a funny looking dude, and since throwing bombs around on Link is my favorite annoying thing to do, I imagine I would like a Bomberman move set. Also, his name is only a fraction away from being as awesome as Mega Man.

What fighters do you want to see in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Are you excited about the game?



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