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Fitness Feature, Fall Events and More From Pokemon Go

October 6, 2018

By: Robert Grosso

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With the recent reveal and promo release of the new Pokemon Meltan from Pokemon Go, many players have turned to the mobile game for further updates on the franchise.

As reported on the PokemonGohub, numerous events and features have been found in a datamine of the game. After the most recent update, players began mining the latest APK file, and discovered a trove of new features planned for the title.


While there were no signs of Pokemon from Generation IV, the biggest feature found was the inclusion of a "new background mode for weekly fitness goals," likely transforming Pokemon Go into a pedometer for players as they search the world for more monsters to catch. A popular in-game move, Meteor Mash, was added to the code base, as well as a hint towards a new multi-select battle party mode. Currently, none of these extras have been activated yet.

A few special events were also spotted in the code which Niantic has already begun promoting. The first event was fully revealed this past Friday with the Psychic Spectacular event, where players will be able to find more Psychic-types in the wild, including a higher chance for a shiny Drowzee and encountering Mewtwo. The Psychic Spectacular event will run until October 14th.


Another event also coming along, sees Niantic teaming up with the US National Park Foundation for a special promotion.

As part of the 50th anniversary of the National Trails and Wild & Scenic Rivers Act, Niantic is encouraging its player base to visit as many parks and trails before December 31st. Players who do, and who give Niantic proof of their visit via a postcard or picture on Instagram with the #ExploreWithNiantic or #FindYourWay, players will receive a special merit patch and, for every postcard sent their way, the company will donate $5 to the National Parks Foundation.


Pokemon Go has remained incredibly popular since its release in 2016, with an estimated 147 million concurrent players hitting an all-time high for Niantic in May of 2018 following the addition of trading and other features.

What are your thoughts on these events or the datamine? Leave your comments below.

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