First Tower Of Fantasy Expansion Adds New Area This Year

Published: August 24, 2022 11:40 AM /


A view of the floating Mirroria city in the new Vera area in the upcoming Tower of Fantasy expansion due this fall

Hotta Studio has announced a brand new Tower of Fantasy expansion coming to the open-world RPG later this year. The expansion will add an, ahem, expansive new area to the game and will be completely free to all players across all platforms.

What do we know about this Tower of Fantasy expansion?

It may only have been a couple of weeks since Tower of Fantasy was released, but the open-world fantasy RPG is apparently hitting the ground running. The first major Tower of Fantasy expansion will bring the land of Vera to the game's world. Vera is an arid area dominated by a huge desert, and since its Tower of Fantasy has failed, the intensity of its energy radiation is decreasing, meaning vast swathes of it are basically uninhabitable.

Although much of Vera isn't fit for human habitation, the floating city of Mirroria certainly is. It's a cyberpunk haven with all the usual trappings: flying cars, perpetual night, energy spheres, and lots and lots of triangles. You can take a look at the Tower of Fantasy Vera announcement trailer right here to get a look at what you can expect from the expansion when it launches this fall.

Who's this new Tower of Fantasy character I keep hearing about?

As well as the aforementioned expansion, a new character is also on her way to Tower of Fantasy soon. Frigg is a quiet soldier whose body has been modified with living metal. She's a lone wolf who counts herself among the ranks of the Angels of Clemency, and she fights with a katana. If you're looking to lean more towards quick and agile strikes rather than slow, heavy attacks, Frigg looks to be your kind of character. She's making her way to Tower of Fantasy on September 1st.

Frigg posing with her katana in a banner image advertising her as the new Tower of Fantasy character
Frigg is a super-agile character coming to Tower of Fantasy next month.

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world RPG that's...shall we say...strongly reminiscent of Genshin Impact. It takes place hundreds of years after humanity fled the failing Earth and founded colonies on a new planet, and it lets you explore a huge open world shared with other players. The game also promises the chance to develop your character however you like, as well as adventures you can take on either solo or co-op. You can download it and check it out for free on PC right here. If you're struggling with getting started in the game, make sure to check out our Tower of Fantasy guides, where we've got all the info you could need on this open-world adventure.


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