First Resident Evil Re:Verse Update Adds New Stage And More

Published: November 16, 2022 9:41 AM /


Resident Evil Re:Verse Update screenshot shows off Tundra, a new character that's now available.

The first Resident Evil Re:Verse update adds in a new battle stage, a new playable character, and DLC skins to spend your hard-earned money on. Is it enough to save a game that has low player numbers and is currently being torn apart on Steam? Probably not, but at least the long-delayed title is receiving content fairly soon after its official launch, which is something at least.

The new battle stage is Village, which is the setting of Resident Evil Village. The map offers lots of cover and wide-open areas to get blasted in, and the field itself is centered around the Maiden of War statue that's found in the village square. Considering this is a deathmatch multiplayer title, a Maiden of War statute seems pretty appropriate, wouldn't you agree? 

Resident Evil Re:Verse Update screenshot shows off the spooky village map that's now available.
It's free real estate.

While the Village is probably the highlight of the Resident Evil Re:Verse update for many, you'll also be able to try out a new playable character in Tundra. She's a member of Chris Redfield's elite Hound Wolf Squad and is a poison and virus specialist. She's described as a "highly technical character", so you'll have to be smart while using her abilities.

Last but not least are the DLC character skins that are now on sale. There's the Gun Show Chris skin from Resident Evil 5, and the Battle Suit Jill skin from the same game. If you like spending money, there's also a deluxe Premium Pass that's available to buy, which features character skins for Leon and Ada and additional rewards for the Battle Pass Challenges. 

Overall, this looks like a reasonably meaty first update for Resident Evil Re:Verse, but you have to wonder if we'll continue receiving such updates. According to the aforementioned reviews, there's no anti-cheat support, few players, bad netcode, and no options for private matches or an offline mode with bots. Will the game be fixed up? Well, stay tuned for more information on future Resident Evil Re:Verse updates from TechRaptor to find out.


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