First look at Bethesda's new IP Battlecry

Published: November 2, 2014 7:37 PM /



PAX Australia is now over and some of the information and exclusive content is now making its way to the rest of the world. Battlecry, the recently announced new IP from Bethesda, finally had some gameplay footage to go with the game. Below you will find the video of said footage and a brief summation of what it covers.

Note: this is Pre-Alpha footage so not everything you see will necessarily remain in the game or function the same way.

The first thing to notice about Battlecry is its stylized visuals. The best way to describe it would be a mix of Team Fortress 2 and Dishonored. It has the cartoony feel, with a similar character and architectural design comparable to Dishonored.

The most unique thing to Battlecry is probably its movement. The footage shows off the "grapple" they have included which lets you grapple yourself quickly to a particular point on the map. It seems that part of figuring out Battlecry will be finding where the grapple points are to move through the battlefield as quickly as possible.

The video covers three classes and gives brief explanations of the basic function of each class. They are the Enforcer, the Tech Archer, and the Duelist.

The Enforcer is a melee class that seems to rely on overwhelming your enemy with its abilities. Not much known more than that at the moment.

The Tech Archer is your basic ranged class that functions in a way that you would expect. It has things like the ability to knock back enemies. Surely more information will come soon.

The Duelist is a class that relies heavily on movement around the battlefield, one of the main ways being stealth. The video says the Duelist excels at single combat, so it seems that their function will be to pick people off and run out of the way as they are not necessarily designed to do well against multiple enemies at once, unlike something like the Enforcer which has whirling blades to hit multiple targets.

The only game mode shown is your basic capture point. It will be interesting to see in the future what unique modes they can bring in.

The final thing the video mentions is a social aspect of Battlecry where you can commend players on your team or the enemy's.

It looks interesting, and it looks like it has potential, but a lot remains to be seen before Battlecry can be judged. But for now it seems to be a team-based, hack-and-slashy, multiplayer game that seems to share some similarities with Team Fortress 2.


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