First Funko Fusion Teaser Trailer Reveals An Epic Funko Pop Crossover Event

Published: April 25, 2023 9:46 AM /


The official neon-drenched logo for Funko Fusion, the new game from 10:10 Games and Funko

10:10 Games and Funko have officially unveiled Funko Fusion, a new action-adventure title based on the best-selling Funko Pop! franchise. The game will be a "wild new take on action-adventure games", according to 10:10, and will feature characters from lots of different media franchises in a massive crossover.

Funko and 10:10 first announced they were working on a game together in July last year, and now, Funko Fusion has been revealed. It'll star characters from franchises like Jurassic WorldThe Umbrella Academy, and Masters of the Universe, as well as more mature horror properties like Child's Play and John Carpenter's The Thing. You can check out the crazy reveal trailer for the game right here.


In gameplay terms, Funko Fusion looks like it'll offer a more irreverent take on the Lego action-adventure formula, with players exploring environments, completing platforming and combat challenges, and solving puzzles together. There will also be an emphasis on multiplayer gameplay, just like Lego, so you'll be able to bring your friends along for what looks like a wild ride.

If you are getting Lego vibes from this game, that's not by accident. 10:10 Games was co-founded by ex-TT Games staffer Arthur Parsons, and the studio's official website says its mission is to create a studio that's "inclusive, collaborative, and welcoming for everyone". Given what we know about the crunch TT Games has faced in the past, that could be a veiled dig at Parsons' former employers.

The range of franchises being represented in Funko Fusion is pretty impressive, and I'm looking forward to seeing whether 10:10 and Funko can come up with something that'll challenge Lego for its casual multiplayer gaming crown. Funko Fusion is due to arrive on PC and consoles sometime in 2024. We don't have a more specific release date than that yet, so stay tuned for more info on this promising-looking project.



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