Naraka Bladepoint

First-Ever Naraka: Bladepoint Event Starts December 12th

December 10, 2021

By: Patrick Perrault


Do you like Naraka: Bladepoint? Well, you'll soon get all of the Naraka info you need, as 24 Entertainment and NetEase Games have just announced Naraka Fest, which will show off a bunch of updates starting December 12th. There will be not one, two, four, or even thirteen new trailers unveiled, but fourteen brand new trailers that will show off skins, new hero crossovers, new weapons, and more.

Naraka: Bladepoint is an interesting concept for a battle-royale title at the very least. It's a 60-player "mythical action combat experience" where players can customize legendary heroes and use martial arts style combat and melee and ranged abilities. It has received decent reviews (including an 80% Very Positive score on Steam) along with new modes and updates arriving fairly frequently.


Interested in watching the event? You can watch it on the Naraka YouTube or Twitch channels. The "live times" are set for 7:30, December 12, at GMT +8 for the first round, with the second round starting at 12:00 PST or 21:00 for our German friends. There'll be a lot of announcements, so if you are even slightly interested in Naraka: Bladepoint you should probably tune in.

If you'd like to check out Naraka: Bladepoint before then, you can check out the Twitter and Discord pages along with the Steam page, where it sells for $19.99. Given that it's getting close to the Steam Winter Sale (which runs from December 22 - January 5 2022), you probably want to wait and see if there's going to be a sale or not. There's also something bound to happen during the event itself, so stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.


What do you think of Naraka: Bladepoint? Have you tried it? If you haven't, why not? Are you tired of Battle Royales or still interested in them? Let us know in the comments!

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