First Enshrouded Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Combat Mechanics

Published: June 5, 2023 9:42 AM /


A player aiming a bow at enemies in Enshrouded

The first gameplay trailer for upcoming survival action-RPG Enshrouded has been released. The devs say this will be the first in a series of videos examining the game's mechanics, and this one's all about how combat will work, so get ready to learn how to fight your enemies effectively.

At the trailer's outset, we see the player battling an enemy in a cave, using a sword and shield. You can block attacks both with and without a shield, and you can also parry attacks, which drains enemies' stamina. When stamina is drained enough, you can launch a Merciless Attack, which will deal massive damage.

Following this, we get a look at Enshrouded's range of weaponry, which includes swords, hammers, and axes in melee range, as well as bows, wands, and explosives at range. Enshrouded developer Keen Games says it hopes that this helps players to determine their own playstyle and approach each challenge appropriately.

According to Keen Games, preparation prior to combat will be key; you'll have to cook food for yourself, prepare enough items to see you through tough situations, and rest well before fighting. Various enemy factions will bar your path as you play, including the monstrous Fell and the raider-like Scavengers, and you'll need to approach each one differently.

Enshrouded's world is fully voxel-based, so if you don't want to engage in combat, you can dig your way around obstacles and enemies. The trailer shows the player digging through a rock wall to avoid an encampment, as well as digging through a floor to get the drop on an enemy below. If you're a fan of Tears of the Kingdom's many and varied ways to deal with problems, then it looks like Enshrouded will be for you as well.

There's more to see in the Enshrouded trailer, too, including a look at the glider, a glimpse at the skill tree and leveling system, and a chance to see the multiplayer (which will work via dedicated servers). All in all, this survival RPG is looking pretty promising, so make sure to give it a wishlist if you're excited to check out more of it.

Enshrouded is set to arrive on Steam via Early Access sometime this year. Announced back in May, the game looks to marry the atmospheric survival of Valheim with the open-ended environmental creativity of latter-period The Legend of Zelda games. More info is coming soon, so stay tuned.


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