Fire Emblem: Three Houses Will Have DLC; Amiibo Support

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Will Have DLC; Amiibo Support

June 25, 2019

By: Robert Grosso

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Nintendo's upcoming tactical RPG Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be getting tons of post-launch support from the company.

According to the website Nintendo Wire, a Japanese 'download card' for the game was posted by a user from, which was later translated on Reddit.

The translation revealed that Three Houses will have DLC in the form of missions, paralogues and clothing items, and will contain the obvious Amiibo support that is expected from Nintendo.

Another feature that was also hinted at for a while is online play. Though no details were discussed on the download card, a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription is required for online features, which may also include downloading the DLC.


One more little fact is the game's download size, a total of 11.9 GB of hard drive space. This makes Three Houses one of the larger first party titles for the Nintendo Switch, rivaling the sizes of RPGs and massive adventure games like Breath of the Wild.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will see players assume the role of a teacher for the Officer's Academy at Garreg Mach Monastery, where they will train three protagonists from three different kingdoms in the fictional world of Fodlan. The classic formula of tactical battles, along with the bond system, are still present, along with some new tweaks from crafting 'lessons' for your students to support troops for larger-scale battles.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will launch worldwide for Nintendo Switch on July 26th, 2019.

Quick Take

Honestly, most of this news is just confirming what was speculated for some time now. I would presume Three Houses is following in the 3DS footsteps of how Fire Emblem handles DLC, and the Amiibo support likely will give us costumes, weapons and maybe a character or two from the Fire Emblem games to use as well. All of those extra goodies are nice bonuses in my book. 

What do you think the DLC will hold? Leave your comments below. 

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