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Published: February 15, 2019 3:53 PM /


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Today, MangaGamer announced the localization and release of Particle's expansive yuri visual novel, Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! Set to launch worldwide in English on March 14th, Lilycle features 15 different perspectives to play from, as girls at the tail end of their high school careers attempt to navigate their labyrinthine love. The all-ages visual novel boasts an all-star voice acting cast as well, drawing on voice actors with decades of combined experience. Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! can be picked up on MangaGamer's store for 20% off, or on Steam for full price on March 14th.

A yuri, or girls' love only visual novel set during the tumultuous years of high school and college, Lilycle attempts to capture both a difficult and heartwarming time. Young student teacher Tamaki finds herself back at her high school she had graduated from a few years earlier. Now teaching her cousin Yuno, Tamaki finds herself caught between Yuno and her roommate Saeka. As the three girls maneuver through the trappings of high school life, they find their feelings changing, little by little. Unique to Lilycle is the arrangement of the different stories and protagonists. The story selection is arranged like a calendar, and while you only play through one episode at a time, you can see just how the stories intertwine and tangle with one another.

Particle's first visual novel spawned out of a six-volume drama CD that has garnered wide popularity since its original release. MangaGamer originally announced the localization last summer, at the yearly Anime Expo in Los Angeles, along with the release of the final Rance games. There's also no word if MangaGamer will release Lilycle on GOG, as they announced in the wake of adult games getting culled from Steam last year. Still, with the release looming, fans of lighthearted girls' love visual novels will have another superb option available to them. Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! releases next month, on March 14th.

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