Finally, The Terminator Has Come To WWE2K16

Published: July 27, 2015 10:36 AM /


triple h terminator

2K Sports has started their months long campaign to slowly release every tiny bit of information about their upcoming entry in the long running series of WWE games. There has been some promising news for long suffering fans of the series, including the fact that 120 unique character models will ship with the game. Of course, including that many wrestlers in the game means that it's hard to come up with a pre-order incentive, since some of those wrestlers were chosen as DLC in past entries. So instead of taking Stone Cold, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, or Max Moon out of the game, they went a slightly different route.

Yes, The Terminator is a playable character in this year's wrestling game. Not Arnold Schwarzenegger, but a cybernetic organism. Living tissue over a metal endoskeleton. Somehow this death machine of the future will compete in wrestling matches for championships. Seth Rollins will have to figure out exactly how to stun a robot long enough to hit him with the Pedigree, and The Terminator will have to process how to fight opponents without firearms and explosives.

According to 2K's press release, Arnold will actually be reprising two different Terminators, the evil T-800 from the original film and John Connor's protector from T2: Judgement Day. WWE2K16 will be available on both current and previous gen consoles on October 27th.

Quick Take

This is the type of ridiculousness that WWE games should engage in more often. Imagine how complete your experience with Sting last year could have been if you could also rescue him from a cage as Robocop? In fact, since Robocop and Terminator have a storied history, I still hold out hope that 2K can grab the classic lisence and give us the true wrestling dream match that all the little stingers have been pulling for.

Will the inclusion of a ridiculous guest character push you to pre-order WWE2K16? How was last week's RAW? Will Kevin Owens ever recover his lost momentum after losing to John Cena clean twice in a row? Answer these questions or don't in the comments below!


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