Final Prison Architect Update Sunsets The Game With New QOL Features

Published: May 16, 2023 9:43 AM /


Prisoners and a guard assembled in artwork for the final Prison Architect update

Paradox and Double Eleven have released the final Prison Architect update. Following this patch, the game will be sunsetted, although Paradox says that "while we're closing this chapter, the book is certainly not yet finished". True to form, a little detail in a new trailer for the game could hint at things to come.

Previous Prison Architect updates and DLC have introduced outlandish elements like jungles, brain-eating zombies, and futuristic sci-fi, but despite its momentous nature, the Sunset update is a little less dramatic than those. It's mainly focused on adding quality-of-life updates, making it a little easier to run your prisons. 


The first big QOL update is the Capacitor 2.0, which is an upgraded capacitor that lets you produce twice the power from your power stations. New colored Remote Door variants have been added, and Riot Guard Vans have had their speed increased. It's not the sexiest update in the world, but there's a certain poetry in Prison Architect's end being so quiet. You can check out the Sunset Update trailer here.

The trailer provides an overview of much of the content that's come to Prison Architect over the years, concluding with a straight shot of some of the game's artwork. Right at the end of the trailer, however, one of the characters in the artwork suddenly becomes 3D, much to the surprise of those around him. Is this a hint of what's to come for Prison Architect? Don't be surprised if we get a Prison Architect 2 announcement sometime soon.

Sunset will be Prison Architect's final update, and it sounds like Paradox and Double Eleven won't be returning to the game, even for bug fixes or general maintenance. You can pick up Prison Architect right now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and, of course, the game is also playable on current-gen machines via backwards compatibility. Check out the Sunset patch notes here, and stay tuned for more potential Prison Architect news soon.


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