Final Japanese Nintendo 3DS Game Mobile Ball Canceled

Published: June 20, 2019 6:21 PM /


Final Japanese Nintendo 3DS Game Mobile Ball Canceled

All console platforms have a lifespan and eventually die out due to lack of support or new titles. The death of the Nintendo 3DS has been all but confirmed by Nintendo, but since the release of the Nintendo Switch, it's been a matter of time, as all major publishers and developers have shifted their titles to the brand-new on-the-go gaming platform. As a result, the older handheld system has been relegated to the background as it fades into oblivion, with 2019 being the most barren year for 3DS enthusiasts in terms of new releases.

There was one last glimmer of hope, as a game announced during a Japanese Nintendo Direct event last year was in development and to be released at some point. Mixi, a Japanese social networking company, was developing Mobile Ball, which would turn out as a unique action and sports title featuring cross-play with a smartphone version as well. However, as per a  NintendoLife report, the company has confirmed that the game has been canceled as the development didn't reach the quality level required for the final release. The cancelation will have little impact on the company's business affairs, so there's no chance of reconsidering.

As you can see, an early demo of the game was available last year, and it vaguely resembles the gameplay of Rocket League, except the characters don't drive cars, instead, they seem trapped in bubbles or balls of air as they attempt to score goals. The game looks fairly playable and polished, so it's likely that the developer also reconsidered the investment in terms of market.

The cancelation of Mobile Ball could very likely mark the end of the Nintendo 3DS's lifespan, as it's highly unlikely that other titles will be announced, considering that the Nintendo Switch is already one of the most popular gaming platforms, with a neverending stream of releases and re-releases, no matter what Nintendo tries to say.

Are you mourning for the death of the Nintendo 3DS? Do you still have hopes to see new games for it? Let us know in the comments below!

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