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Final Fantasy XV 2018

Developer Square Enix, in their unrelenting crusade to constantly update the best Cup Noodle advertisement of all time, announced a few major updates to its flagship title Final Fantasy XV.  If you've kept up with the game released back in 2016, Final Fantasy XV has seen a healthy stream of content such as free and paid story expansions, live events, an Assassins Creed Origins mini-expansion, and a Gordon Freeman skin to name a few.  Since early in the games life cycle, it has been rumored and heavily hinted by the games developers at various press events that there would be more than the initially announced first season of character story expansions. Finally during their panel yesterday at PAX East it was confirmed that the next round of DLC will consist of, four new expansions, mod tools, a new ending, and a ton more.

The Dawn of the Future will feature 3 main expansions and one side story

New Expansions

Since Final Fantasy XV launch fans have been vocal about the games relatively dry story and have been asking for a better explanation on why some of the characters in the game do...what they do. In this next round of character expansions dubbed "The Dawn of the Future" and will feature four character centered episodes based on Ardyn, Aranea Highwind, Lunafreya, and finally King Noctus himself (apparently the main game wasn't episode Noctus already?). Instead of filling in the gaps from the main story like the last 4 episodes did, The Dawn of the Future aims to show the players what could have been for these 4 tragic characters and eventually lead to the new final ending of the game. These are expected to launch sometime in early 2019 and conclude by the summer of that year.

Mod Support and Custom Character Creator

What good is a PC game without a little mod support? Final Fantasy XV will feature an incredibly robust mod tool system that can lead to endless content as has been previously promised. Square showed off a level editor, custom quests and rewards, user interface modification, physics and character movement, character modifications (not Cindy related), and most importantly, golf.  While the mod tools are expected to launch sometime this spring, more robust tools such as a level editor are expected to be available in the fall of this year.

*Record scratch* *Freeze frame* You may be wondering how I got here...

Comrades To Become A Stand Alone Game & Major Updates

In an effort to add even more Final Fantasy XV related side games, Square announced that its multiplayer expansion Comrades is going to become its own stand-alone title this summer and will be available for everyone even if you haven't purchased the main game. As expected there will be some big updates for this mode which will include a raid mode, new bosses, and battle challenges.  No word on how much the standalone title will cost or if it will be Free to Play.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Collab

A collaboration with the upcoming Tomb Raider title is also coming to Final Fantasy XV. Not much was shared about this other than a single image with "Coming Soon", but one can hope for something similar to the excellent Assassins Creed Origins side quest chapter in the main game.

New Theme Song

In addition to everything else, Final Fantasy XV Composer Yoko Shimomura will also be working on a brand new theme song to accompany the new season of expansions.

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I've come up with a new recipe...Happiness

Quick  Take

Final Fantasy XV is the game that just won't end. As of the time of this article you can currently watch a movie starring Aaron Paul, binge on an endearing anime mini-series, play an awesome pixel brawler, play the surprisingly good mobile game, play the not so great other mobile game, go back in time and play the in-game mini-game turned mobile game turned deactivated app, and also maybe have some time left over the play the actual game and its 4 expansions.

Final Fantasy XV is at the moment one of the better examples of a "games as a service" done well and whether you haven't played the game yet or spent the last decade waiting for its release, it's worth checking out sometime and seeing why Cup Noodle is the best meal to eat after killing a 2 ton snake man with your best bros.

What do you think about Final Fantasy XV getting new content almost 3 years after its release? Are you burned out on Noctus and friends?  Did you drop the game after its initial release? Will you play the new content?  Let us know in the comments below! 

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