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Square Enix has released more information regarding Final Fantasy XV at Paris Games Week.

The DLC for the upcoming RPG is now what the team is working on. There will be three episodes in which players control each party member that hangs around with Noctis. First will be Episode Gladiolus, then Episode Ignis and finally Episode Prompto.

As TechRaptor previously reported, the new addition to Final Fantasy XV mentioned by Square Enix is a new co-op expansion called Comrades. It's an online co-op mode where up to four players can fight as the four members of Noctis' party. You can buy Comrades separately or with the $24.99 Season Pass. Comrades will release after the three individual DLC episodes.

Final Fantasy XV

Now, Square Enix also discussed the new magic system in Final Fantasy XV. You can absorb magic from the world at certain points on the map or find bottles of magic around the world. Using elements or items, you can purify magic and make all manner of attacks or effects for your magic usage. All four party members can use magic.

Another type of magic in the game is called Ring Magic. Only Noctis can use this magic since it requires his Ring of the Lucii. The reveal mentions multiple types of Ring Magic but focuses on Death. Unlike most Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy XV's Death drains enemy HP instead of outright killing them. The longer Death is held on them, the worse the enemy is hurt.

Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix also announced daemons for Final Fantasy XV. Daemons are extremely powerful enemies that only come out at night. Apparently, they cannot be killed by normal means and it's recommended that you avoid them until you're a high enough level to fight them.

In addition, multiple forms of travel were shown off for Final Fantasy XV. First was your normal fast travel mechanic, which allows Noctis to travel anywhere he's already been at specific points.

On top of that, should Noctis and company be stranded without their Regalia vehicle, Cidney can come and drop it off for them for a price.

Final Fantasy XV

Summons were also shown off, including Titan, Carbuncle and Ramuh. Each will have different attacks depending on if they're summoned near by Noctis or if summoned at an area they can't get close to.

Moogles will also be in Final Fantasy XV, this time in the form of an item. Noctis can throw a moogle into a group of enemies and it acts as a temporary decoy. Of course, not all enemies will be fooled!

Finally, areas of the industrial city Lestallum were shown off, including daytime and nighttime screenshots of the marketplace and other back alleys.

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV will be releasing November 29th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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