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During the 2014 Comic Fiesta in Malaysia, Square Enix held a panel titled "The History and Future of Final Fantasy" wherein Producer Shinji Hashimoto and Lead Game Designer Wan Hazmer discussed the Final Fantasy XV trailer, as well as showed off some never before seen concept art of the town of Lestallum. Lestallum is heavily influenced by Malaysia both in architecture, as well as culture, and will have actual Malaysian cuisine portrayed in the game. The video of the panel can be seen here.

Hazmer confirmed that the Titan seen in the trailer would be a summon in the game, but hinted that it might not be in the exact form seen when you are fighting it. He did say that Titan will not be in the upcoming demo, but another summon would be available so that players can experience the summon system.

In order to capture the road trip experience, the game will require camping  periodically. Each time you camp you will gain buffs which gradually decay to nothing, but you will never get debuffs for going too long without camping. You can also purchase ingredients used to prepare different types of food, that will determine your buff. Most important is that camping is required to level up. You will not miss out on experience no matter how long you go without camping, experience will continue to accumulate as you fight monsters, but at some point you will have to camp to gain the benefit of that experience.

As previously announced, Final Fantasy 15 will have a day/night cycle. Although in previous builds of the game it was a 30 minute cycle, after testing it they changed it to a 60 minute cycle, with 40 minutes of day and 20 minutes of night.

Hazmer addressed criticism that the combat system is simply "hold one button to attack" citing Final Fantasy's history of offering strategic choices. He discussed the game's weapon system, where every weapon is unique, and choosing which weapon to use in each situation will be an important decision. There will be different abilities tied to weapons, while some weapons will have very high stats and no ability.

Another criticism that was addressed, was the seeming lack of a magic system, as magic was absent in the trailer. Hazmer confirmed that there will in fact be magic in the game, but it is not graphically at a level that is ready to be shown to the public. He stated that more information about magic will be revealed when it is up to the same level as the features which have already been revealed.

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