Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3 Lands In Early January

Published: November 11, 2022 9:23 AM /


The Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3 name, Gods Revel, Lands Tremble, superimposed over an image of the Euphrosyne raid

Square Enix has revealed new information regarding Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3, which is now scheduled to arrive in early January. The patch will bring more story content following the tale of Zero, as well as the continuation of the 24-player Myths of the Realm raid and much more.

It's been a few months since we got our hands on FFXIV Patch 6.2, which added more Pandaemonium 8-player raid content and introduced the rather popular Island Sanctuary minigame. Now, Patch 6.3 is showing Alliance Raid players some love, as it's adding a new stage in the Myths of the Realm raid by the name of Euphrosyne.

As is always the case with Final Fantasy XIV patches, we're also getting some new story content, which follows the conclusion of the last patch and continues the story of the mysterious Zero. As part of that story, a new dungeon, Lapis Manalis, will be available, although as ever, you'll have to clear some story quests to get to it.

The first view of the Lapis Manalis dungeon, a snowy expanse, in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3
The new Lapis Manalis dungeon looks characteristically beautiful in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3.

A new Custom Deliveries client is also arriving in early January, as is a new PvP Crystalline Conflict map. If you're an Island Sanctuary fanatic, you'll be pleased to know the mode is getting new animals, new structures, and a bunch of quality-of-life improvements to help you ignore the call to adventure all the more effectively. You can also expect new housing wards and subdivisions.

Just a couple of weeks after Patch 6.3 debuts, Patch 6.35 is set to introduce the fifth Ultimate raid, although it's currently not known exactly what that raid will be. You can also expect a new Deep Dungeon in the form of Eureka Orthos, which will arrive alongside the fifth Ultimate raid. Let it never be said Final Fantasy XIV isn't generous, eh?

We don't yet know the exact release date for Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3, but we'll almost certainly learn that closer to the time. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more information about this upcoming content drop and about all things Final Fantasy XIV, including fan-made VR mods and developer crackdowns on third-party tools.


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