Final Fantasy XIV Housing Demolition To Resume In 6.3

Square Enix will soon once again roam the streets of Final Fantasy XIV with a bulldozer, as automatic housing demolition is set to resume in Patch 6.3.

Published: December 16, 2022 9:38 AM /


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Square Enix has announced that automatic Final Fantasy XIV housing demolition will resume with the advent of Patch 6.3. The new update is set to arrive in early January, bringing new story content, a new dungeon, and apparently the potential demolition of your home as well.

Housing demolition is a process by which a housing estate that's remained inactive for some time is deleted to make way for people who might need to use it. Square Enix has paused and restarted demolition numerous times; automatic demolition has been paused since December 2021 this time, but it looks like Square Enix is itching to use its bulldozer again.

On the official Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone website, Square Enix explains that if you've entered your estate at least once since December 2021, the auto-demolition timer will be reset after Patch 6.3's release. The inactivity countdown will then begin again from the day of Patch 6.3's launch, but not the day you log in, so you'd better head into the game soon after the patch if you want to keep your house.

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These guys are saying "why didn't you enter the house at least once, you fool?".​

If you haven't entered your estate since December 2021, then your demolition timer will resume from however long you had left as of December 5th, 2021. There's a small possibility that your estate could be set for demolition prior to the completion of Patch 6.3 maintenance. If your estate is set for demolition within ten days of maintenance, Square Enix will send you an email. Make sure you log in and secure your house as soon as you can once you get it.

You will be able to see how long is left until your estate's auto-demolition by checking the Timers window. There, you'll find a "Schedule Estate Demolition" menu item, where you can see how much time you've got. This window won't display exact times, though; it only displays days, so don't leave it too late.

Assuming you do manage to save your house when you log in for Patch 6.3, the update will bring lots of other content as well. This includes new story content, which will continue the post-Endwalker storyline and add a new dungeon as well. You can also look forward to the second part of the 24-player Myths of the Realm raid, Euphrosyne, as well as new Island Sanctuary stuff and plenty more.

Stay tuned for more info on that and all other things Final Fantasy XIV. In the meantime, if you are just reactivating your subscription in time for Patch 6.3, then why not take a look at our Final Fantasy XIV guides to give yourself an edge when it comes to enjoying the new content?

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