Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward and Patch 2.4

Final Fantasy XIV just received its latest expansion in the form of Heavensward, as well as a brand new update to version 2.4.

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As we discussed last time, Final Fantasy XIV will be getting a patch in the near future and of course, its expansion Heavensward comes out this Spring. In the wake of Fan Fest on the 25th/26th in London, more information was leaked about Heavensward and more details on the Dreams of Ice patch came out. 

Last time the Dreams of Ice, the patch 2.4 update got prime position so we’ll start with Heavensward this time. Which, to be fair has the hotter info here.

Before that though, there is confirmation that they are in planning steps for a data server placed inside the EU, rather than an EU server being in Canada as it currently is. That should reduce lag issues for people playing in Europe. No date for when this is finished or will be finished is released at this time.


Flying Mounts have been confirmed with at least 6 in the works, one of which may feature prominently in the upcoming story. The so far confirmed flying mounts are a Black Chocobo and a single pilot Airship from Cid himself. Flying will be initially restricted to new areas from Heavensward but all mount speeds are getting increased.

Two new beast tribes were announced – the Vanu Vanu and the Gnath along with their primals. The Vanu Vanu are large, bird-esq creatures, who have the primal Bismarck. Bismarck at least promises to be haunting the skies in Heavensward as you’ll have the chance to fight it in an Airship! The Gnath are more bipedal insectoid types with an Asian aesthetic in their clothes. Their primal is the 4 armed, laser sword wielding bug Ravana.


Final Fantasy XIV SCreenshot Showing Several strange fantasy cratures

The Dark Knight is the newest revealed Job, but unlike other Jobs you’ll be able to play it straight from the get go without any levels in base classes. It is set up to be a tank class wielding a two handed Greatsword and the powers of darkness hand in hand against its foes. It should be available to most people upon purchase of the expansion – perhaps something like a level cap you need to have reached previously to get it, like World of Warcraft’s Death Knight.

Hints are out about what a new class will be. There’s no confirmation yet – that will have to wait for Fan-Fest Tokyo in December – but it looks likely to be a gunner from comments and hints around the Fan-fest.

Dreams of Ice

There’s too much to hit everything here so we’ll link you to the patchnotes and touch on some of the highs in these preliminary notes without going over the areas discussed last time.

Ninja has been confirmed that its second class in addition to Rogue is Pugilist, mixing fast hand-to-hand combat with stealth – as ninjas always have when not using poisons, blades, and exotic weaponry.

Allagan Tomestones has been tweaked around a lot with the addition of Allegan tomestones of Poetics, the removal of tomestones of Philosophy, and it will no longer be possible to find Allegan Tomestones of Mythology. Handouts and exchange rates have been the talk of various merchants and can be found in their sections of the updated scrolls.

Your housing districts now have subdivisions adding some new places for people to settle down. If they do so, they can also make use of the new Culinary furnishings. Set up the food and supplies and up to 10 times you can eat there for various bonuses. While decorating you may also want to pick up a new Armoire for your Estate Hall. Fashion Designers have come to a new agreement that the Riveria Half-Partitions are more accurately categorized as table furnishings and no longer will you experience complete social shunning for putting other furnishings on them.

The Fashion Designers were also busy talking with Hair Stylists, approving four more official Hair Styles allowed within the world.

The judges in PvP play have similarly released a set of decrees. However, they have also made it clear to me that only those with the foremost knowledge should be disseminating information on their details lest someone misinterpret it. Thus I can only direct you to the source they clearly believe is the foremost – the release from themselves.

New items have come and been added by various people who wish to sell them to you themselves in there.

New recipes, including all new 4-star recipes, are to be found. New Master recipe books are also available in the race to keep up more chefs publish details. In that vein, purchasers of previous books will find themselves receiving details on new recipes that fit in.

There’s a lot more there, jokes aside, that I suggest you read it yourself if you are interested in the game.

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