Final Fantasy XIV Brings Back a Legend With Arrangement by Hyadain for Rubicante’s Music

Published: January 26, 2023 9:14 AM /


Final Fantasy XIV Rubicante

While playing the main story questline of the latest major update of Final Fantasy XIV, many longtime fans recognized the arrangement of the music playing during the Trial battle against Rubicante. 

It was basically identical to a legendary fan cover of the original Final Fantasy IV music "Battle With the Four Fiends" by musician Kenichi "Hyadain" Maeyamada that went viral a long time ago. 

Today we got the official confirmation with a press release. Hyadain - who in the meanwhile has become famous for working on anime and video game theme songs and music for popular performers - was actually asked to officially arrange the new version of the song, titled "Forged in Crimson."

On top of that, Hyadain's isn't the comeback for this song, as Final Fantasy IV lead game designer and scenario writer Takashi Tokita also wrote the new lyrics. 

You can listen to a sample below.

Hyadain's comment in the press release mentions that he was thrilled to do the arrangement for the song, so much so that it made his knees tremble. He expressed the stoicism of Rubicante with the chorus while recreating the speedy arrangement that he had dreamed of more than ten years ago. He had never thought that 2023 would be so rewarding, and he'd like to tell his past self that the future is going to be a lot of fun. 

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available for PS5, PS4, and PC. The game is one of the most popular MMORPGs on the planet, having pulled a basically miraculous recovery with its relaunch as "A Realm Reborn" in 2013 after its original release in 2010.

After its fourth expansion "Endwalker," it currently counts 27 million registered accounts worldwide. Recently, it received a brand new update numbered 6.3 and titled "Gods Revel, Lands Tremble," which included an adorable corgi miniona rather dashing Eastern-style outfit, more story both from the main scenario and sidequests, the new trial mentioned above, a new 24-player raid, a new treasure hunt tier and dungeon, new furniture for our houses (and a big housing update that brought additional wards to the residentially-starved servers of the game), new mounts, minions, gear, more goodies and features for the Island Sanctuary, new hairstyles, new emotes, and much more. 

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