Final Fantasy VII Remake Won't Drastically Change The Story Going Forward Producer Says

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Final Fantasy VII Remake

While Final Fantasy VII Remake has been out in the wild and drawing a lot of attention, in Japan they are just receiving a lot more information as the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania has released, featuring all sorts of new information and interviews regarding the game. The Ultimania Archives are a long-running tradition for Square Enix and often answer questions, theories, show concept art, and fill-in-the-blanks with information from the development of the game. With Final Fantasy VII Remake being a multi-part project though, which has only released the first part, the role here is a bit different as there is also a forward-looking aspect as well. 

Warning, there may be some mild spoilers here for Final Fantasy VII Remake

On social media, people have been sharing excerpts of the book, and others have been translating them. One of the most notable is an answer from Producer Yoshinori Kitase in regards to how different the story will be to the original, something that has been heavily discussed in regards to the ending, with Kitase saying (thanks to twitter user @aitaikimochi for translating):

"We’re not drastically changing the story and making it into something completely different than the original. Even though it’s a Remake, please assume the story of FF7 will continue as FF7 always has from here on out."

In regards to the number of parts, Nomura and Kitase further discussed that, and provided essentially no answer at this time. Kitase says they have a rough idea but aren't firm on it, while Nomura discusses that if they do more smaller parts they can get the games out faster, which is what he'd prefer. 

Nomura also addressed the final line in the game, which has brought much discussion around it. Again, from user Aitaikimochi, here is the segment translated on that:

Expect to hear more in the coming days from the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania. Final Fantasy VII Remake released earlier this month on PlayStation 4, and there is also a free demo you can partake in if you so desire. The second part is already underway, though there is no plan for when it will be released.

What do you think of Kitase's answer regarding the story going forward? Do you find it weird given the ending of Final Fantasy VII Remake? How do you think they should do parts of the game split up? And what burning questions do you want answered by the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania? Let us know in the comments below!

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