Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date Announced

final fantasy vii remake release date

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date Announced

June 10, 2019

By: Andrew Stretch

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Just when you didn't think that there could be enough news coming out today a trailer shown at the FFVII - A Symphonic Reunion concert revealed the much anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date. This date will be for the first episode though as it's been known for a while that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be an episodic release, somewhat mirroring the games original release being spread out over three discs. How many parts this will make up is still unknown at this time.

Following the trailer was shown at the concert, it was then uploaded to Square Enix's Japanese YouTube channel. If you want to watch the trailer we've linked it below:

In this trailer, we get to see more of the FFXV like active combat. This trailer features a heavy focus on the beginning of Final Fantasy VII with Cloud and the other members of AVALANCHE infiltrating and destroying one of Midgar's MAKO reactors. For many though it gives a chance to see Cloud and Barrett in combat and even more of Aerith near the end of the trailer. What we've all been waiting for is at the end of the trailer, the worldwide release date for Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation 4 is announced to be 03/03/2020.


This game has been in development for quite a while but it's only been recently that a steadier flow of information has been released, whether the long development cycle means we should expect long waits between episodes or if they're all being worked on to release in quick succession is up to speculation at the moment.

This also hasn't been the only piece of news that Square Enix has decided to reveal at a concert as just yesterday they also used their Kingdom Hearts Orchestra –World of Tres- performance to debut a trailer for Kingdom Hearts III DLC.

Are you excited to hear that we're so close to the Final Fantasy VII Remake? What did you think of the trailer? Do you like the changes that they've been making?

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