Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Release Date Announced

Published: November 5, 2021 11:37 AM /


Final Fantasy VII The FirstSoldier

The Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier release date has been announced. Interestingly, it will be released much sooner than you would normally think: November 17, 2021. I say this because the game was only announced back in February, and I think we can all agree that Final Fantasy games from announcement to release usually take a lot longer than under a year, that's for sure.

Coming from a company that pretended that Final Fantasy VII wasn't the most popular game in their umbrella for over two decades, the explosion of Final Fantasy VII-related content has got to be overwhelming to some fans, especially to those that are still waiting for Part II of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. While this isn't Part II, this game does offer more worldbuilding for Midgar, which is better than nothing, I suppose.

What is Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier?

Well, the game is described as a "high-octane battle royale game, infused with RPG elements from the Final Fantasy series." Not the most promising description, eh? The game itself is set in Midgar before the events of Final Fantasy VII. Players are fighting to join the ranks of Shinra's elite Soldier unit while using spells, weapons, and special abilities to defeat their foes.

You can pre-order on the Apple App Store and pre-register on the Google Play Store. Yes, it's mobile-only, which isn't the greatest thing in the world. As you would expect, it's free to play (with in-app purchases) and doing quite well for itself so far, with over 770,000 pre-registrations for both platforms already. It'll probably get to over one million before its November 17 launch, but we'll have to see.

If you'd like to follow the game as it heads toward its launch, be sure to stay tuned to TechRaptor. There's also Instagram and Discord pages if you're interested.

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