A fight with a Tonberry King in Final Fantasy VI T-Edition.

Massive Final Fantasy 6 ROM Hack Gets English Patch

November 15, 2021 11:08 AM

By: Brian Renadette


Localizer Clyde "Mato" Mandelin, known for his work on the English ROM patch for MOTHER 3, has released a new piece of localized video game content. Known as Final Fantasy VI T-Edition, this ROM hack adds new twists to the last Final Fantasy game for the SNES era.

Final Fantasy VI T-Edition, named after creator and Japanese ROM hacker Tsushiy, is a massive ROM hack that Mato describes as "a fun, legnthy, and more difficult version of Final Fantasy VI from an alternate universe." The hack keeps the original story, but adds plenty of content around it, such as side quests, locations, character costumes that infuence their stats, and more. Mechanics-wise, T-Edition also provides a huge amount of balances and fixes, such as being able to dash without having to acquire the Sprint Shoes. The mod is so big that the patch comes in two parts, with the EX part focusing on "super-difficult post-game DLC" for the main patch, such as the ability to fight major bosses from other Final Fantasy games.




A moogle explains a post-game feature in Final Fantasy VI T-Edition.

In the FAQ for the patches, Mato explains that he translated all of the new text by himself, but used the GBA remake's script for text that is unchanged from the original version (he explains his reasoning for using the GBA script in a translation comparison on the game.) Mato also states that he'll be relasing the tools he used for the localization work along with the source code in case anyone wants to localize the hack into other languages. However, he does note that doing so would require some font modificaiton, which is already low on space.



You can read about and download the English patches for Final Fantasy VI T-Edition here. Make sure to read the "Important Notes" and "How to use these patches" sections in order to properly install the patches. The hack itself can be downloaded here.

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