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Published: April 14, 2016 3:45 PM /


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This morning, Square Enix had a surprise release of Final Fantasy IX on Steam. The popular RPG had been listed on the store for quite some time, however unlike other releases it simply said “Early 2016” without a timer or countdown. Without warning, the switch was flipped, and the game is now available for purchase.

The PC release of Final Fantasy IX boasts HD graphics, improved character models and backgrounds, and a host of other improvements. These include a set of trading cards for Steam users to collect, an auto-save function, Steam Cloud support, and seven optional boosters.

Final Fantasy IX stage

Boosters are modifiers that affect the game in some way, such as a high speed mode that causes the game to play at three times the normal speed for grinding purposes or if you just want to get to the next story segment. Another booster is the no encounter booster, which keeps any enemies from spawning when turned on.

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Other boosters include automatically mastered weapons and equipment, max character level, max magic stone count and finally, max gil.

Final Fantasy IX was originally released in 2000 and unlike its two predecessors VII and VIII, never had an original PC release. As such, this marks the first time that PC gamers get to play the classic title. Final Fantasy IX follows Zidane Tribal, a young thief in a group of conmen and thieves. With a plan to kidnap Princess Garnet of Alexandria, things quickly spiral out of control for Zidane and his crew which sets him on a journey alongside the princess. Along the way, the player can run into many other party members who will join their cause, such as Garnet’s personal knight Steiner.

Final Fantasy IX is available now off the Steam store for $20.99 normally, however Square Enix has discounted the game 20% to celebrate its release. Until April 20th, Final Fantasy IX can be picked up for $16.79.

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