Final Fantasy 14 Players Use Billboards in Real-Life to advertise their in-game Parties

The owner of an in-game Nightclub in Final Fantasy 14 has rented Real-Life billboards to advertise their upcoming events.

Published: July 5, 2022 5:18 PM /


Final Fantasy XIV Online Loading Screen.

Who would have thought to purchase real-life billboards for an in-game event? Well, thanks to the metaverse being alive and well, this isn't as uncommon as one would think. Players of Final Fantasy 14 Online have decided to make their in-game party a huge event by purchasing several billboards across Texas and California. 

Screenshot of nightclub with gamers dancing in Final Fantasy 14

Are Nightclubs Really a Thing in Final Fantasy 14?

Within the Final Fantasy 14 universe, there is a nightclub that goes by the name "Rain" that has decided to take things to the next level. Most players will advertise their in-game events on Twitter, Discord or somewhere online, but these players have decided to make their club a spectacle to remember. The owners of the in-game nightclub purchased not just one billboard to bring players to their event, but several. Not just in their hometowns either, they have purchased them within two separate states to draw in as many gamers as possible.

The billboards, which surfaced on Twitter, were originally purchased by the owners of the club on the Balmung server within the game. While the social scene in Final Fantasy 14 is unmatched by any other MMORPG at this time, this is a crazy way to get the event out there. The nightclub scene within the game is thriving, as players from all over the world come to spend their Gil, in-game currency, on employees that make the nightclub what it is. This includes things like bartenders, go-go dancers, and even personal DJs. This truly gives players the feel of being in a real-life nightclub without any of the socially awkward real-world minglings. 

The "Rain" Nightclub even has its own website dedicated to showing off what its events consist of. Be careful when accessing the site, as some of the content is NSFW (Warning: Adult Content is present.) The owners of the nightclub also mention that they are relatively new to the scene, but are looking to become the next big thing. 

While real life has taken a turn when it comes to being social, this is actually quite nice for the community. This is a way to socialize with friends and strangers alike all from the comfort of the player's homes. It's an odd but exciting way to bring people together, and "Rain" has definitely taken that to new heights by advertising these metaverse type events in the real world. 

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