Neon Abyss

Fight Through the Neon Abyss this Summer

June 13, 2020 5:33 PM

By: Robert Grosso


Team 17's latest title, Neon Abyss, finally has a release date.

An insane-looking 2-D  run and gun shooter, Neon Abyss is a fully customizable, retro-styled action game that combines some of the mechanics from other indie titles, from The Binding of Isaac to Starbound, into one frantic package. Players can collect and customize your character with powerful weapons, powerups, and a ton of perks and items that will give them special abilities as they blast through hordes of enemies, massive boss battles, and more while exploring a large dungeon, room to room. 




Clearly sporting a bit of a roguelite elements as well, Neon Abyss allows players to pick and choose which rooms in their own dungeons to crawl through, allowing for unique challenges for each run you do. The tougher the run, the better your loot drops will be, and the loot drops are meat of the game that help you infiltrate the abyss even further. Since there is no limits to how many items you can have applied to you, can create a super-powered death machine with a wide variety of combinations that not only make you unique, but unstoppable in the face of danger. 

Players will also be able to participate in a variety of mini-games, some combat-focused, others more mundane and relaxing, such as fishing, meditations and even piano playing. Those who play these mini-games can unlock a ton of rewards though, including costume bits, items, and weapons that they can use in battle when need be. 



Team 17 is finally releasing Neon Abyss this summer, on July 14th, 2020 for the PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.



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Author: Robert Grosso | Staff Writer
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