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In this year's Halloween event for Rainbow Six Siege, players will attempt to stave off the Doktor's Curse on a reworked version of Theme Park. The curse manifests as a variant of 5v5 PvP matches, as a twisted take on hide-and-seek. The Doktor's Curse event is live now on all platforms and will run for two weeks, from October 23rd to November 6th.

The rules of play are simple: kill all of the defenders if attacking, or either survive the round or kill the attackers if holed up in Theme Park. This Halloween event does come with a number of special rules, however. Neither attackers nor defenders have access to guns or standard melee, but attackers do get a special variant of Sledge's hammer. The attackers can use either Pulse's heartbeat sensor, Jackal's footprint tracker, or Lion's motion-sensing drone to aid in their hunt. The five defenders, Kapkan, Ela, Lesion, Frost, and Smoke all have access to their traps and a special ability they can use to turn invisible and run faster. Victory is achieved when either all the attackers hunt down the defenders, or the defenders manage to take down the aggressors.

Much like last year, there are 28 new items that can be earned via Packs in this limited-time event. One is earned free just for signing in, and two more can be earned via Ubisoft Club weekly challenges. Many of the cosmetic items are tied to the defenders listed above, as well as a few more for the Doktor, Doc himself, and his experimentation subject, Bandit. Also, items from last year's Halloween event will be available for "a limited time," according to Ubisoft.

Rainbow Six Siege, aside from its rocky start, has been a bastion of creativity for Ubisoft. Last year's Halloween event was just a simple reskin of the House map, but it came during a year that had a co-op PvE mode where players fought off hulking crystal zombies in New Mexico. Not only that, but the apparent success of the mode means it's getting a full-fledged spinoff in Rainbow Six Quarantine, set to release sometime next year. If you can't wait that long, you've got a chance to check out the Doktor's Curse, live now in Rainbow Six Siege.

What do you think of Doktor's Curse? Is it going to make you check back in with Rainbow Six Siege? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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