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Fight Club NRW 8, an event taking place in Cologne, Germany and a major stop on the Capcom Pro Tour, has concluded. As a European ranking event, the Street Fighter V tournament will also allow Asian players to participate and gain the CPT point necessary to hopefully qualify for Capcom Cup at year's end. The event included Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, and The King of Fighters XIV as side events.

Streaming for Fight Club NRW 8 was handled by the Fight Club NRW and InsertGame channels on Twitch. As usual, players will be listed in “[sponsor/team name] | [player name] [[characters used]]” format. However, due to Fight Club NRW 8 not using to organize brackets, we will not be able to provide links to them.

Street Fighter V

  • 1. Hx CyG BST | Daigo [Guile]
  • 2. Panda | Jiewa [Akuma, Ken]
  • 3. Method | Packz [Karin]
  • 4. Epsilon | Takamura [Ken]
  • 5. Prophecy | Akainu [Guile]
  • 5. Shadow | Kashama [Balrog]
  • 7. Epsilon | Keftaroz [Rashid]
  • 7. BX3 | Phenom [Necalli]
Daigo takes his second ranking event in a row for the second weekend in a row, gaining him a sum of 320 CPT points in two weeks. This brings his point total up to 560 and launches him well within Capcom Cup qualification range. Jiewa's 2nd place finish earns him 100 CPT points, bringing him to a total of 345, which currently leaves him only eight spots away from also being able to qualify. Packz, coming in at 3rd place, earns him 70 points, which has him at 37th on the CPT leaderboards, coincidentally tied with Japanese fellow Karin-main, Mago. Phenom, who finished at 7th, thankfully doesn't need to worry much about points, as he's currently in a very comfortable spot in the standings at 13th, with an updated total of 700 points.

Other notable entrants who did not manage to break into top 8 include Afii, who got 9th; Former Evo champion Luffy, Brick, and Tyrant, who finished in 13th; and CCL, Cobelcog, Will2pac, Mister Crimson, Ryan Hart, and Problem X, who all finished at 17th.

With multiple other ranking events coming in the next few weeks, it'll be exciting to see if Daigo can achieve and maintain a winning streak. Earlier in the year, Bonchan, a fellow Japanese pro, managed to hit a streak of three consecutive CPT wins, one of which being a premier event which awarded 400 points. He currently sits at a very secure 4th place on the leaderboards.

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2

  • 1. ATG [Chipp]
  • 2. Sumpfauge [Elphelt]
  • 3. Yosh [Ky]
  • 4. PTG | Mik [Ramlethal]
King of Fighters XIV
  • 1. GCCM | Zantetsu [Meitenkun/Yuri/Rock, more]
  • 2. SemperPups [Benimaru/Adny/Kim]
  • 3. Dracula [King/Iori/Benimaru]
  • 4. NFB | Sinjul [Shun'ei/K'/Verse, more]
BlazBlue Central Fiction
  • 1. PTG | Mik [Nine]
  • 2. CYG | DarkRTBone [Azrael]
  • 3. Jees144 [Jin]
  • 4. Khey [Bullet]

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