FIFA 22 Crossplay Test Coming This Month

Published: May 3, 2022 11:06 AM /



FIFA 22 crossplay is coming for those of you that've been waiting for it. EA will soon be testing the functionality for players on Stadia, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, but not for those on PC, which is disappointing. The modes available in this crossplay test are Online Seasons and Online Friendlies, which means that players will be able to play with a friend on a different platform or play Online Seasons Divisions against players on other platforms.

Does the FIFA 2022 Crossplay the Include FIFA Ultimate Team?

The FIFA 22 crossplay test doesn't include FIFA Ultimate Team, which will probably come as a disappointment for FIFA fans. Still, it's only a test of crossplay functionality, so one would assume that the most popular game mode in FIFA 22 will eventually make an appearance in crossplatform crossplay. 

Here's EA's reasoning on why only two modes are available for this crossplay test:

While we want to enable our players to play with as many friends and others as possible, we limited the test to these two modes with the aim of reducing the chance for introducing new issues into the game. We are confident that the game data and feedback that we get from these two modes will help inform how Cross-play could further be implemented in future titles.

Seems promising, although we'll have to see if EA does eventually add full FIFA 22 crossplay functionality, or if we might be stuck waiting until FIFA 23 for the full experience. Until that happens, you will be able to try crossplay out by going to the main menu in FIFA 22 and going to the bottom right corner and clicking on the crossplay prompt, once the test becomes available. If you're playing against someone who has crossplay enabled, you'll see a cross-play platform indicator beside their name, which is pretty cool.

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