FIFA 22 FUT Exploit Gives Gamers Easy Free Kicks

A FIFA 22 FUT exploit has been discovered by a player and it appears to allow you to consistently score free kicks in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Published: January 5, 2022 2:06 PM /


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FIFA 22 FUT exploit has been discovered by a player and it appears to allow you to consistently score free kicks in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Things have been kind of crazy for FIFA in recent months. Late last year, EA made the unusual decision to allow players to peek inside the game's equivalent of loot boxes. Later that year, EA noted that it was considering changing the name and removing "FIFA" from the title altogether; it was later revealed that the actual FIFA organization was considering licensing its name to more developers.

Despite this bit of end-of-year chaos, FIFA 22 players happily continued kicking balls into goals and playing FIFA Ultimate Team against online opponents. Unfortunately, it appears that one of these players has found a way to score some very easy goals.

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(Images Credit: Liver-King on Reddit.)

How the FIFA 22 FUT Exploit Lets You Get Easy Free Kicks

The FIFA 22 FUT exploit allows players to score easy free kicks through the combination of several mechanics. While it's not entirely foolproof, it appears to be much more successful than it should be.

/u/Liver-King on Reddit explained just how easy it is to pull off the exploit (via Dexerto). First, you need to have "Timed Finishing" enabled. Once you do, you should do a knuckle shot at full power and try to get green or yellow timing.

If you pull off the timing, the ball will slide right in past the goalie's feet. It's not entirely foolproof, but the Redditor says that you can up your chances of scoring a free kick if the player taking the shot has the "Takes Powerful Driven Free Kicks" Trait.

We haven't tested out this exploit ourselves, but a montage in the Reddit thread shows a lot of goals being sunk with this FIFA 22 FUT exploit. It's probably not intended behavior; hopefully, EA patches it sooner rather than later to make the game a little more balanced. You can buy FIFA 22 for PC and consoles via its official website starting at $59.99 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of this FIFA 22 exploit? Do you think EA will fix it in a timely fashion? Let us know in the comments below!

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