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Salt Ahead

The Roundup returns with Juri's return, the passing of an FGC legend and a look ahead to a quadruple tournament weekend (including the first online tournament for the CPT) in the scene. The hype is real, people. Let's GO!

J U R I B O I Z 

FGC Roundup
Infiltration gets it.

CapcomFighters needs to be prepared. The Juriboiz are back. One of the most popular characters in Street Fighter IV, Juri, has returned to the world stage this past Tuesday (July 26th) to exact her vengeance upon Shadloo and M. Bison for the death of her parents. Her representation on the scene, however, was limited. Standouts such as Ai Ai, Yossan, Kreymore and even Infiltration (had a killer pocket Juri in the latter half of SF4's life) showcased that the character and her Feng Shui Engine were forces to be reckoned with.


This is, of course, a new game and Juri is a bit different this time around. The fireball pressure simply isn't present anymore but she has some buttons she never had when introduced back in Super Street Fighter IV.  Her mobility is impressive, though, with V-Skill giving her a definite edge in movement. She has real potential for some scary left/right mix-ups but her health isn't so great nor is her stun resistance. 

Desk, the combo video king, immediately hit the People with a ridiculous combo video featuring Juri that includes an OTG V-Reversal that's a bit crazy. The most apparent fact about this new version of Juri? She's a fairly technical character especially in comparison to the rest of the roster. Her normals are very strong and great at keeping opponents at arm's length until the opening presents itself. Her mobility and V-Skill allow her to opportunistically take advantage yet many of her attacks leave her at a distinct disadvantage. Her fireball game isn't the same as in IV but that doesn't mean she can't cross up her opponent with them. Thanks to ElChakotay for quickly mining out the tech on this one:


The technical prowess required to truly master her and play her at a really high level should make for some interesting tournament play going forward. The former masters of the tae-kwon-do sadist, Ai Ai and Yossan, are already showing they have a great grasp on her mechanics with more to come.


We in there, boys. Juri, the fifth DLC character, will start making an impact on the meta and relatively soon. Ari Weinstraub, better known as FloE to the FGC family, is already showing off some great tech with Juri as well. His streams with her have been a blast to watch thus far. Team HORI's Sako, however, appears ahead of the curve. A tournament ready Juri this soon? We'll find out within a matter of weeks as she's made legal for usage in CPT event play. Time to get back in the lab, scrubs.

Sonic Boom: Summer Edition 2016



Sonic Boom, taking place in sunny Madrid, Spain at the La Princesa hotel, will feature some of the top-shelf talents from across Europe including some killers from the Asian region of the Capcom Pro Tour. This is the first of two ranking events this weekend featuring, of course, Street Fighter V along with a Street Fighter III: Third Strike Invitational, a Teams competition for Ultra Street Fighter IV along with Guilty Gear XrdSuper Smash Bros. Melee and Wii U (singles and teams).  Time to get those vital Capcom Pro Tour points, folks.

Top names attending the tournament include MJS|Haitani, MOV, RB|Luffy, PxP|Problem X, Melty|Will2Pac, AWS|CCL, FA|Ryan Hart, PRLS|Packz, MD|MisterCrimson, PRLS|Afii, Rize|Cobelcog, UM|ImStillDaDaddy, Fasoll and Melty|Gen1us along with numerous local warriors to round out the brackets. Brackets for SFV can be found at Challonge, as per usual. Brackets for all the Smash action can be found over at Smash.GG. Every moment of  Street Fighter and Smash from Madrid can be found at MotokenTeam (English stream) and SaltyPlayground (covering Melee/Smash4).

Defend the North 2016

FGC Roundup

The East Coast is about to explode. Defend the North has been one of the biggest East Coast events for years now and it serves as the second Capcom Pro Tour ranking event of the weekend. All the action, taking place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in White Plains, New York, should feature some of the best the East Coast has to offer. Notable players in attendance include LI Joe, NYChrisG, F3|alucarD, IFCYipes, TS|Arturo Sanchez, PG|Coach Steve, Golden Cen, UA|Bass, PAG|Pink Diamond. ChrisG, fresh off his win at EVO 2016 in UMvC3, is back home and looks to to do well in Marvel but also in Street Fighter V as well. His Guile is dangerous. The post-EVO poster child for the FGC, LI Joe, will also be back on his home turf and be looking to build upon his Top 8 performance in Las Vegas. 


DFTN2016 will feature Street Fighter V (CPT Ranking event), Killer Instinct (World Cup qualifier), Ultra Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat XL, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Pokkén Tournament. Juri will not be available for tournament play as she was only released earlier this week and the same goes for Eyedol in Killer Instinct. Streaming duties will be handled by Team Sp00ky, Kick Punch Block and Ho3K (Smash). Brackets can be found at Smash.GG for all events and all the action kicks off on Saturday (30th) starting at 12 PM ET. 

Capcom Pro Tour Online Ranking Events

FGC Roundup

Earlier this week Capcom announced that the long awaited Online Ranking tournaments mentioned way back before the game was even released are finally kicking off this weekend. This is a global initiative that will kick off in North America this weekend (July 31) for a chance to win a trip to a regional final to compete. Online warriors this is your time. A few things to know if you're one of those brave enough to join the battle:


A Player must have a minimum of 5Mbps upload speed.

A Player must have a Challonge account at http://challonge.com .

A Player must reside where PSN and Steam is available.

A Player must have a PSN or Steam account.

Only one PSN or Steam account per Player is allowed to compete in the tournament.

256 Players (per each Online Event) is the maximum capacity allowed to compete.

Wireless (WiFi) connections are prohibited.

Use of macros, turbos, or any peripheral which tampers with standard game functionality is prohibited.

Eligible Regions & Event Dates

  • North America - July 31 & October 8 at 10AM Pacific Standard Time (PST)

    • United States & Canada

  • Latin America - August 6 & September 10 at 10AM Brasilia Time (BRT)

    • Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Panama, Uruguay

  • Europe - August 13 & September 3 at 10AM British Summer Time (BST)

    • Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

  • Asia 1 - August 27 at 10AM Singapore Standard Time (SST)

    • Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam

  • Asia 2 - October 22 at 10AM Japan Standard Time (JST)

    • Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea

This weekend's event will be handled by none other than Mr. Street Fighter himself, Alex Valle, and Level Up Live. All the action for begins at 10 AM PST and Top 16 of Online Ranking event will be showcased on Capcom Fighters starting at 4 PM PST on Sunday.  

Smash Factor 5

FGC Roundup

The biggest Smash tournament in Mexico kicks off this weekend with the fifth edition of Smash Factor with some of the finest Smashers Mexico has to offer along with big names such as EVO Smash4 champion, Ally, along with Mr. R, daBuz and more. Mexico's chance to shine is massive here as there are some true top-tier players that aren't as well known in the scene due to America's dominance. Chief among those has to be Serge (Lucario), Regi (13th at EVO and best Game and Watch in the world) and MK| Leo (Marth, Cloud, Metaknight). No bones about it this is not only a big event for Mexico's regional community but another chance for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U to shine. All the action can be found at VGBootCamp throughout the weekend and brackets can be found at Smash.GG.


The team at VGBootCamp has been a massive part of helping to build the Smash community and, more importantly, helping make it more accessible via well-run streams for events and archival footage spanning back over six years. It is moments like these, however, that realize not only how hard these folks work to make it all happen but how much is truly invested into the operation. The president and video game scientist for VGBootCamp, GimR, took a few minutes away from his work getting Smash Factor 5 out to the community to detail the current situation.


So, within a matter of a few clicks, 12,000 videos (six years worth of match footage) were all renamed to the same Serge v. Darkfall match from SmashFactor5. The significance of this is gargantuan as the title change affects YouTube's algorithm and, ultimately, resets the counter on views for any video affected. It also affects recommended choices for content to watch next which, as GiMR points out in the video above, is a huge contributor to their views and, ultimately, financial well-being as YT revenue is a major way they stay afloat. Efforts are being made to seek assistance from Google/YT's technical team to possibly rollback before the change but no word yet has been given regarding the issue. 

It's a huge blow to a pillar of the community and, frankly, feels as though something very malicious was done intentionally. GimR, in an effort to get matches up even faster than prior, asked around to other tournament organizers and was introduced to a fellow who has done great work in the past uploading matches immediately after stream. He even admits that, uncharacteristically, he allowed this individual access and within a matter of minutes the entire channel's contents were altered after the initial Serge v. Darkfall match upload. The Smash community has already been adamant in not only helping with potential donations/subscriptions to the VGBootCamp's Twitch/YT channel but also in offering potential solutions via scripting and use of the Wayback Machine and more. I have reached out to GiMR for further comment and will hopefully get back with a longer posting as the story develops. If you would like to offer your support to GiMR and the folks over at VGBootcamp take a look at their Twitch channel and over on Youtube as well. You can donate at http://bit.ly/1urlg1N or subscribe at http://bit.ly/vgbcsubscribe, Best of luck to the crew of at VGBC.

Rest in Peace, Nohoho

FGC Roundup
Nohoho is on the right.

I would like to close this week's Roundup with a remembrance of the Super Turbo scene's most well-known figures, Nohoho. The scrappy Blanka player was a vital piece of the Super Turbo community and its subsequent revival effort. He was a great player but it was his dedication in bringing knowledge from the Japanese ST scene and dispensing it to American warriors that he was best known via his nohoho fighter ii x website. He provided a very necessary bridge between the Japanese community where Street Fighter II Super Turbo still thrives and the American scene's players. The blog was retired a few years ago but it still contains a wealth of information for those wanting to get into the ST scene. 

He was providing this information during what many refer to as "the Dark Age of fighting games" where it seemed nothing new was on the horizon (pre-Street Fighter IV) and the scene was slowly spiraling down overall yet Nohoho (real name Allen Jamie Klein) managed to not only inspire and served as an inspiration for those to keep the dream alive. STRevival would likely not exist without Nohoho's tireless work to bring the JP tech over to America. You were a towering figure in the scene and your Blanka was devastating. Our condolences go out to his surviving friends and family. People like Nohoho are the reason not only the ST scene still exists but why the entire FGC continues to grow. Passionate people dedicated to helping spread knowledge of the games they love. Rest in peace, Nohoho.

That will do it for this week's edition of the FGC Roundup! We'll back next week with recaps of all the events that took place, more news and more salt. I'll leave you with yet another in Mai Neenja's fine line of amazing compilation videos, Halls of Hype.


Stay free, Internet.

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