FFXIV Patch 6.3 Will Include Super Cool Eastern-Style Outfit

Published: January 4, 2023 3:19 PM /


Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3 eastern-style outfit

Not only will Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.3 include the continuation of the Tataru's Grand Endeavor questline, but a glorious reward awaits players. 

Within an interview published earlier today, we hear that while the continuation of the Tataru questline was already known, one of the rewards will be a bold new glamour. 

Final Fantasy XIV New eastern style outfit, FFXIV Patch 6.3


Lead Item Designer at Square Enix, Yosuke Hayashi, stated that the new Eastern-style outfit is the first one we have seen in quite a while. Hayashi-san also mentions that there will be plenty of new items released alongside this glamour in patch 6.3, and hopes that all of the fans will enjoy these new additions. The colors in the outfit fit very well together, and if it looks this good on the male character, one can assume it will look stunning on the female characters as well. 

On top of the new outfit and continued questline, patch 6.3 is filled to the brim with surprises and fun new content. We also learn that the Fat Chocobo head may be dyeable in the "near future". As for the previously requested Kappa costume, it still is not currently in development as Square is creating other new equipment at the moment. Yet, Hayashi-san says that the team is very eager to begin creating this costume, and "perhaps it won't be too long before they can showcase it". Plus, players are always excited about new equipment and have high expectations, so Hayashi-san promised that the team will work meticulously when it does make it into development to ensure that it meets those high expectations. 

Additionally, we learn that parasols will be opened automatically by your character when it begins raining.

Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.3 will release on January 10, 2023, with all of the goodies we mentioned here and much more content for players to enjoy. 

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