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Published: April 15, 2017 1:21 PM /



Polytron has announced that Fez will be making its way to an iPhone or iPad near you at some point in the coming months. This news comes from an announcement trailer uploaded by Polytron on Vimeo on the game's 5th anniversary earlier this month.


In case you've either never played Fez or let Fez slip under your radar, here's what this game is all about: Fez is a colorful platformer featuring Gomez, a plucky bunch of sprites that acquires the ability to rotate the 2D levels in 3D after he finds the titular headwear. Using this ability, you are tasked with solving a variety of platforming puzzles as you search the world for so-called cube fragments strewn around the world.

In addition to you being able to rotate the platform to reveal sites that were initially hidden, you'll have to tackle familiar platforming obstacles like jumping puzzles, finding treasure maps and discovering secret rooms in the game world.

While the game originally launched to critical and public acclaim, with many of the bigger outlets giving Fez high scores in their reviews. Phil Fish, the designer behind Fez, originally meant for the game to get a sequel, but Fish's somewhat problematic interactions with people on the internet created numerous controversies. This ultimately led to him announcing that he would be leaving the games industry entirely in 2013, effectively canceling the development of the sequel.

As far as the iOS version is concerned, not much is known about a potential release date, with the announcement trailer saying that the game will release "soon". If you want to learn more about it you can read our review here.

Quick Take

Whatever you might think of Phil Fish and his stance on the games industry, Fez was a wonderful bit of game design that (rightfully) got praised by both fans and critics alike. Since the release of the game in 2012, a whole new generation of gamers have picked up the hobby so this might be a great way to get them introduced to a game that is still very much loved by its players. 

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