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Marvelous's Musou (Dynasty Warriors) style action game sourced from the Fate media franchise, Fate/Extella, now has a release date of November 10, 2016, according to the latest Weekly Famitsu and a number of blog posts. Fate/Extella will be on the PS4 and PS Vita and will retail for 7,980 and 6,980 yen, respectively. Also announced are three new playable Servants, Artoria Pendragon (Saber class), Jeanne d'Arc (Ruler class, a special class in the series), and Elizabeth Bathory (Lancer class).

For those of you not in the know, the series revolves around a recurring conflict known as the Holy Grail War, in which magi, called Masters, summon heroic spirits, which are termed Sevants, from ages past to do battle with each other over the eponymous Holy Grail, which is said to grant the wishes of the winner.  Only seven Servants are summoned each cycle, each belonging to one of seven classes.  The Fate series spawned from an adult visual novel released in 2004 called Fate/stay night, which spawned a manga series and an anime series, the latter of which is probably the best-known example of the series to western audiences.

There will have 16 playable Servants.  So far, we know of eight that will be in the game.  Separated by their series assigned classes, they are:

  • Saber Class: Nero Claudius, Artoria Pendragon, and Atilla
  • Lancer Class: Elizabeth Bathory
  • Archer Class: Mumei and Gilamesh
  • Caster Class: Tamamo no Mae
  • Assassin Class: None announced so far
  • Rider Class: None announced so far
  • Berserker Class: None announced so far
  • Extra/Other Class: Jeanne d'Arc

Here's a brief teaser trailer with the aforementioned Archer class Servants from a few days ago.


Given the series being fairly well known among anime fans in the West, there is a remote possibility of Fate/Extella seeing release in the West.  Though, given that the last release of a Fate series game in the West was 2011 and the smartphone RPG Fate/Grand Order is still Japanese only, it is merely that, a remote chance.

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