The Fate of The Entire World Rests in Your Hands in A Hero's Rest

It is time to train your heroes and craft only the finest of goods, check out A Hero's Rest when it heads to Steam this October.

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Screenshot from A Hero's Rest, where we see a magnificent weapon displayed within one of the shops, and showing off its different attributes in a menu on the right hand side.

Getting absolutely immersed in any game is the greatest feeling in the world, and in A Hero's Rest, we not only get immersed in what the world has to offer, but we also become infatuated with the gameplay itself.

What is A Hero's Rest?

The gameplay is centered around designing, building, and maintaining your town. As you begin, you will be tasked with creating a town filled to the brim with strong and mighty heroes that must defend the kingdom from the impending threat of monsters that lurk in the shadows.

A Hero's Rest allows you to completely design your fantasy town the way you so choose, meaning you can make it warm and cozy where heroes come to relax, or you can make it an extreme training ground to pump out warriors. Every different shop you build comes with its own set of ways to gather more resources, as well as handle your hero's fates. It is slightly a popularity contest among those who reside there as well, so make sure to constantly upgrade your shops to keep the "oohs" and "ahhs" coming. 

A Hero's Rest image, where we see a player casting a beautiful blue illuminated spell within what looks like a forested area.

The customization in this game when it comes to gear crafting and creation is astounding. With over 13 different categories to choose from, you can provide the mighty heroes of your town with the best of gear to keep them fighting through tomorrow. Put your crafted gear on display using the varied display area within the different shops and even watch those who have purchased your gear sport it around the town. To make high-quality gear, you need a high-quality crafting table, so ensure that your table is upgraded as well.

You are going to notice that the heroes that reside here are, well, a little mindless. Though they do have their own free will, they tend to forget that death is a consequence. To combat this, you need to only send the heroes on quests that fit their level and skill, or they will die, and you will have lost a good fighter. The quests include sending said heroes out to collect resources that are crucial to protect your homestead.

As you send them out more and more, their skills, strengths, and abilities will grow, making them a vital asset to the town. You can even select a special chosen few that you grow close to, and build those few up to the best of their ability. More so, you can use certain buildings to manipulate the fate of each of your heroes and make sure they stay safe out in the real world.

A Hero's Rest will be available on Steam on October 12, 2022, so make sure to add it to your wishlist!

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