Fast-paced Space Shooter PhaigeX: Hyperspace Survivors Announced for PC; Demo Already Available

Published: March 25, 2023 4:49 PM /


PhaigeX: Hyperspace Survivors

Developer Traitorean Games announced its upcoming fast-paced "survivor-style" space shooter titled PhaigeX: Hyperspace Survivors.

The game is scheduled to enter early access for PC via Steam in April 2023. A demo is actually already available on Valve's storefront and can be downloaded right now.


The announcement came with a trailer, which you can watch below.

The game mixes classic bullet hell mechanics with the ability to move in all directions on the 2D plane. It's designed for high speed gameplay and comes with 5 different starships that you can control. Each can have its weapons upgraded to create different builds matching the player's playstyle.

A gauge named "Incursion rate" raises over time, triggering new events and the appearance of dangerous enemies. Destroy key enemy units will keep the Incursion Rate down and help you avoid getting overwhelmed. 


You can also summon a large Support Craft that will provide extra firepower temporarily and make the Support Shop available, where you can upgrade your own ship. After each game session you will be rewarded and you can spend said rewards to unlock new ships and customize them further.

The current build of the game includes the following.

  • 5 playable ships
  • 2 support crafts
  • 13 weapons
  • 17 passive abilities
  • 1 stage and game mode

It's likely that more content will be added during the early access phase. 


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