Farming Simulator League Starts Its First Matches Today

Published: July 28, 2019 1:56 PM /


Farming Simulator League

Today, Farming Simulator 2019 is kicking off their foray into eSports with the beginning of the Farming Simulator League. Teams of three will be competing to see which of them are the best virtual hay balers around for a €250,000 prize pool.

You'd probably never imagine something like a farming game becoming a choice for eSports tournaments. However, Farming Simulator 2019 is taking a shot at it with the help of various farm-tech companies as sponsors. Some of these sponsors, such as John Deere, are also throwing in their own teams.

Today's Farming Simulator League matches are taking place at FarmCon 2019 in Harsewinkel, Germany, with the final matches expected to be at FarmCon 2020 next summer. In each match, players have fifteen minutes to get as many points as possible. Before each match, players ban certain vehicles from use that round, choose which ones they will use, and picking 'power plays' which provide bonuses for the teams. In the match itself, players are trying to harvest and deliver hay bales to earn points. However, there's also a decent bit of strategy. For one, each team has a score multiplier based on how much wheat they deliver to a nearby town. That multiplier also ties into how fast their bale conveyors move. Also, buffs that drop in mid-game that can affect both teams and their strategies. One strategy, for example, involves rushing the other team and stealing their harvesters or balers, leaving them unable to do their farming. An overview of the new game mode can be seen in the video above.

You can watch today's matches at Twitch, Mixer (English,) and YouTube (German.) If you miss out, you should be able to catch the VODs when they go up later. You can check out the Farming Simulator League official website here.

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