Farming Simulator 22 Sales Surpass 3 Million Units Globally

Published: January 25, 2022 3:05 PM /


Farming Simulator 22 sales cover

Farming Simulator 22 sales have surpassed 3 million units globally, doubling the sales numbers that this simulation game made during its launch week.

There are tons of games that feature farming, ranging from the village management game Medieval Dynasty to the dungeon-crawling and base-building game Len's Island. If you're looking for a somewhat more realistic experience, though, your best bet is the Farming Simulator franchise -- and it's just hit its biggest sales milestone yet.

Farming Simulator 22 sales slice

Farming Simulator 22 Sales Set Franchise Record

Giants Software has announced that Farming Simulator 22 sales have crossed 3 million units worldwide in a tweet (via Reddit). The Farming Simulator games have always had a little something special, but it seems that this latest title is resonating with gamers in an unprecedented fashion.

Farming Simulator 22 sales previously hit 1.5 million copies in its first week alone, setting a launch sales record for the franchise. Since then, the developers have focused on hotfixes and launched a free content update at the end of last year.

What's particularly interesting, however, is that the franchise as a whole has sold 25 million copies as of early 2020. Considering the relatively young lifespan of this game, it looks like Farming Simulator 22 may very well be on track to be the best-selling game in the Farming Simulator franchise to date (if it hasn't reached that milestone already).

For now, players will have more free content to look forward to with subsequent updates (and, of course, the substantial amount of content already available in the base game). You can join in on the cozy farming fun by buying Farming Simulator 22 for PC and consoles starting at $49.99 or your regional equivalent via its official website.

What do you think of Farming Simulator 22 selling 3 million copies in just two months? What's your favorite game featuring farming? Let us know in the comments below!