Farming RPG Daomei Village Is Basically Stardew Province

Published: January 24, 2022 10:11 AM /


The player standing on their farm in Daomei Village

Have you ever wanted to play Stardew Valley, but with a classical Chinese twist? Well, now you can. Developer Gameparic has announced Daomei Village, a pixel art farming RPG inspired by Chinese folklore and cozy farming sims like Harvest Moon. A demo for the game will be available on Steam later in 2022.

What do we know about Daomei Village?

You might know Gameparic's name from the rather ill-advised Project Wunderwaffe, although Daomei Village is probably less controversial than that game. You've been banished to the titular town by "the Emperor" (who is definitely not Xi Jinping), and you must regain his favor by rebuilding Daomei and turning it into an efficient farming community. You'll also have to protect the village from monsters and other threats. Take a look at the trailer for Daomei Village right here.

As part of your efforts to get yourself back into the Emperor's good graces, you'll have to build and maintain your farm in Daomei Village. You can grow crops, breed animals, and upgrade buildings to give you better yield. You'll also have the opportunity to visit the local mine (yes, just like in Stardew Valley) and clear out its monsters for the village, as well as getting to know the local community and what makes them tick. Just like you, everyone in Daomei has been banished, so getting to know them and helping them out with their tasks will let you learn their history.

When is the Daomei Village release date?

Unfortunately, we don't have a Daomei Village release date just yet. However, developer Gameparic says the game will be getting a Steam demo sometime later in 2022, so you've got that to look forward to. It's one of an increasing number of cozy indie farming sims cropping up (no pun intended) right now; there's the aforementioned Stardew Valley, of course, as well as Hokko Life and Stardew creator Eric Barone's Haunted Chocolatier, which was announced last year. There's no shortage of choice if this is your genre.

The player standing on their farm in Daomei Village
Daomei Village is one of quite a few cozy farming sims popping up right now.

We'll bring you more on this one as soon as we get it. In the meantime, you can wishlist Daomei Village on Steam right now for more news. If you're hankering for a social life sim set in Ancient China and you just can't wait, you should also take a look at Immortal Life, which is also set to launch via Steam Early Access sometime this year (although right now, it doesn't have support for English, unfortunately). Keep an eye on TechRaptor for more news about Daomei Village.

Are you looking forward to trying out the Daomei Village demo later this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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