Leaked Far Cry 6 Footage Shows Off Explosive Action

A YouTuber has hit the publish button a bit early, but shows off a lot of what Far Cry 6 has to offer players from location and story moments to custom weapons and sweet rides.

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Far Cry 6 Combat

Update Friday, May 28th: The Far Cry 6 release date was announced during the stream today and you can learn about it, and other information in our article here.

It's been almost a year since Far Cry 6 was officially revealed last July. Taking place on a Caribbean island on the brink of a revolution Giancarlo Esposito plays President Anton Castillo. The island of Yara is ruled by him as he seeks to return it to its former glory but it's up to the player character, Dani Rojas, to take the fight to him. We heard about the story, and the different collector editions but not much else was seen for Far Cry 6. While there's a full gameplay reveal set for tomorrow, Friday the 28th of May, it seems Polish YouTuber Rojson hit the publish button a bit too early giving us all new information. While this video has already been removed this is the internet so eagle-eyed internet viewers managed to pull a mirror for us to see what's going on.

Far Cry 6 Tear Gas
Everything the tear gas touches... is our kingdom Diego

Far Cry 6 Story

There isn't too much we're able to gleam from additional story points revealed during the gameplay trailer, in part because of the low audio of the footage, but also due to Rosjon's commentary on the video clips. What we are able to get is just how bad it is in Yara and how important the plan to knock President Castillo out of his seat of power is. The beauty of the establishing shot of Yara is juxtaposed with scenes of torture, military demonstrations in the streets, villagers being held at gunpoint, and what can only be described as the Lion King "Everything the light touches" but for a dictator.

Far Cry 6 Dani
Meet Dani Rojas, and.... Dani Rojas

After showing us what we're fighting for the next few clips take the perspective of Dani, who can be either a male or female-presenting character, infiltrating bases, exploding vehicles, and killing a LOT of people. We see Dani taking the fight to the President's regime across military outposts, seaside shallows, villages, and city centers. The world interaction seems to have been really ramped up for Far Cry 6 as we see buildings explode and trees collapsing to grenade explosions.

Far Cry 6 Weapons

We see the return of normal weapons like the variety of pistols, machine guns, knives, and even a gatling gun but Far Cry 6 will also have improvised weapons. Some of the upgrades to normal weapons shown off included extended magazines and silencers. Moving out of the normal realm of weaponry we're even shown a CD launcher that will fling discs at unsuspecting enemies. Adding insult to injury it seems that the particular CD used in the trailer is the Macarena, whether that's a cosmetic choice or just a bit of flavor has yet to be seen.

Far Cry 6 Custom Weapon

Just in case a CD launcher wasn't enough fun Dani will have access to backpack weaponry, a first for the franchise. Instead of heading into a battle with a gun in their hand Dani will strap some high-powered weaponry to their back. The two backpack weapons shown off in the trailer are a rocket jump backpack, that when used will launch Dani into the air setting the area around him on fire, and then just a bunch of mortars strapped to his back... There's a still photo showing what looks to be a flamethrower, as well as a tesla coil looking backpack but we can't say for certain what they will do.

Far Cry 6 Vehicles and Mounts

In Far Cry 6, Dani will be able to drive a variety of vehicles like trucks and motorcycles, and even mount horses for quick getaways across the island. Weapons aren't the only thing that's been shown to be customizable too. The footage doesn't go too far into it but we do get a few shots of flames coming out the exhaust pipe of a retro car and a large shovel mounted to the front. It seems there will be plenty to upgrade and customize.

Far Cry 6 Furry Friends

Pets make a return from Far Cry 5. Instead of Boomer the Dog and Cheeseburger the bear on this Caribbean Island you'll have a pet dachshund that has a wheelchair on its hind legs, and a crocodile that wears a t-shirt. Before you ask the question, yes you can pet the dog and the crocodile (as well as the horses you encounter out and about). The gameplay of Chorizo the dachshund (who was revealed last year) and crocodile are what we'd expect to see, you running in guns blazing relying on them to charge at any enemies in the area distracting or killing them to help you out in your quest to overthrow the President.

Far Cry 6 Dog
Get your game face on!

An interesting mechanic that I didn't expect to see was Chorizo slowly and sweetly approaching a soldier, getting them to lower their guard and coo to try to get the poor disabled puppy over to them... all the while Dani is sneaking up behind them ready to take them down. 

There's a lot to see in this gameplay reveal but one thing that is at least not in Rojson's video is a release date. There is still the official gameplay reveal for Far Cry 6 tomorrow at 12:30 PM EST so we might get more information then, for now though this is still a lot to get us excited for another Far Cry outing.



What do you think of the features shown? Is there anything you're particularly excited for? Let us know in the comments below, and if there's anything we've missed we'll be sure to update it after tomorrows event.

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