Far Cry 5 Gets Enhanced Update for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

Published: March 16, 2023 5:51 PM /


Far Cry 5

Today Ubisoft released a relevant update to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the release of Far Cry 5

The game will now run at 60 FPS on both Xbox Series X and S, on top of PlayStation 5. On top of that, Xbox Series X will now run it in 4K resolution, while Xbox Series S will stay put at 1080p and PS5 at 2880x1620. 

This applies to all of the game's DLC as well, Hours of Darkness, Lost on Mars, and Dead Living Zombies, alongside the base game. On the other hand, no mention was made of the sequel, Far Cry: New Dawn

You can check out a trailer showing off the improvements below.

If you're unfamiliar with Far Cry 5, it was originally released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 27, 2018, a little less than five years ago. 

If you're curious about the game, you can check out our review, with our review editor Samuel Guglielmo himself definitely enthusiastic in his reception to the game.

The game is set in Hope County, Montana, where a fanatical doomsday cult is wreaking havoc among the population. The player is tasked with standing up against the charismatic cult leader Joseph Seed and his family, leading a full-fledged resistance movement where the law seems to have a conveniently short reach. 


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